The Healthy Hack

Tired of eating common fruits like apples and bananas? Why not rambutan? Rambutan is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. This furry strawberry lookalike has been taking its limelight because of its amazing benefits. Here they are:

Rambutan Fruit

Rich source of Vitamin C

It’s always good to eat food high in vitamin C.  It is very necessary because it is an antioxidant agent that supports ones’ body’s immune system so that it can battle free and harmful radicals.

Boosts Energy

Rambutan is a great source of carbohydrates and proteins. It also lowers your thirst levels because it contains high water content. This results in improving your energy level.

Helps in Weight Loss

The rambutan fruit is full of fiber and at the same time is less in calories.

Reduces Constipation

Because rambutan has high fiber content, it helps improve your digestion, therefore, less constipation problems.

Production of Red and White Blood Cells

Iron and copper are located in rambutan fruit. Both minerals play a key role in the production of red and white blood cells.

Prevents Anemia

Anemia is a condition where iron is deficient in the blood. Rambutan can keep that from happening because of it is rich in iron. Iron helps your blood to be oxidated to prevent you from feeling dizzy and tired.

Eliminates Wastes From Kidney

Eating rambutan, which contains a high amount of phosphorus content, will help your kidney eliminates and filters those wastes more effectively.

Fortifies Bones

Consuming rambutan inhibits healthy amounts of iron, phosphorus, and calcium in your body. When these minerals are broken down, your body utilizes them to form strong bones and stable their growth.

Antiseptic Properties

Rambutan has impressive antiseptic properties which shield your body from certain diseases. This helps your abscesses treat a lot faster without forming pus. It also reduces itching and inflammation.

Kill Parasites

Rambutan fruit contains saponin which helps in killing intestinal parasites and keeps your gut healthy and promote good digestion.

Maintaining Sperm Health

Rambutan fruit contains vitamin C. It is said that healthy amounts of vitamin C is linked with healthy sperm development. So that’s why rambutan is good in maintaning sperm health.

Rambutan Leaves


The leaves of rambutan have been known to have properties just like a pain killer does. It has been a Chinese traditional remedy. Drinking the leaves extract works on your nerve centers to make the brain into changing the perception of pain.


The leaf of rambutan is a perfect aphrodisiac. Boiling the leaves in water and drinking it will help stimulate the hormones responsible for increasing libido or sexual desire.

Prevents Your Hair From Graying

Graying of hair is caused by lacking melanin in the hair. Rambutan leaves have the properties to animate the dead hair pigment, which slows the graying process of the hair.

Promotes Healthy Scalp

By rubbing the juice, rambutan leaves help your hair become healthy and clean which will prevent you from hair loss, dandruff, ulcers and relieving stress.

Rambutan Seeds

Healthy Snack

Rambutan seeds are full of good fats, proteins, and fibers. When seeds are boiled and roasted, it will be a good and healthy snack. But note this, do not eat the seeds raw because they contain poisonous compounds such as saponin but roast or boil it will be safe to be eaten.

Smoothens Skin

The seed of this fruit contains great oxidative properties which help remove blemishes and resulting to a glow and youthful skin. To have these results, mash the seeds until a paste is achieved and then apply it onto your skin daily.


The seeds have the ability to control glucose level in your body which make them anti-diabetic in nature.

  • Chop the rambutan seeds into tiny pieces
  • Sun dry it for a few days
  • Grind it until becomes powder
  • Mix a little of this powder in a glass of warm water and drink up

Rambutan Peel

Anti-Cancer Properties

The peel of the rambutan fruit has flavonoids and gallic acid that are anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. You can eat this raw and do not afraid of its spines because they’re soft.

Rambutan Bark

Relieve Canker Sores

Although it has not been confirmed, it is said that rambutan cures canker sores because the bark of Rambutan has astringent properties.