The Healthy Hack

Mangosteen is a rare kind of fruit that made it difficult to find for it is seasonal and mostly grown only in selected parts of the world like Southeast Asian countries, India and Puerto Rico. The Philippines is blessed to have a rich source of Mangosteen. It is good to consider this in your diet for it will give you a lot of health benefits!


All kinds of various health issues, inflammation could always be the main cause. According to studies, Mangosteen has a property called xanthones, that has effective anti-inflammatory ability that helps in reducing inflammations. Leukemia – It lessens the cancer cell growth. Asthma – It helps through its therapeutic effects. Alzheimer’s – Helps lessen the bad effects to people with Alzheimer’s because mangosteen serves as a good supplement. Cancer – It helps through the prevention and stopping of cancerous cell growth. Obesity – It helps in the regulation of metabolism.

Immunity Improvement and Sickness Prevention

Mangosteens have very rich antioxidant contents that can help you fight sickness and infection, and improves your immunity for it also serves as Vitamin C.

Fights Cancer

By eating mangosteen, it can help you lessen the risk of having cancer, and reducing the growth of cancer cells. The development of xanthones inside the mangosteen kills the cancer cells, and even has the potential in developing anti-colon cancer cells; It can also serve as a complementary medicine; It reduces the tumor size; It helps to stop the spreading of mammary cancer to other parts of the body; Phenolics, another property of Mangosteen that induces early death of cancer cells in melanoma and carcinoma.

For a Healthy Heart

Let mangosteens help your heart through its abilities to have antioxidants that deal with cardiovascular issues and other different degenerative diseases through removing free radicals. It makes the defense system of the tissue to become stronger and effective against heart attacks. It helps lessen the effect of strokes, and in the prevention of nerve degeneration, and reduces the tumors.

Weight Loss

Mangosteens have tricks that could make you feel full right away but with less food intake. This is because mangosteens have high water and fiber content. It controls weight gain by restricting the common causes of obesity.

Improvement in Digestion

From eating unhealthy foods, try to replace it by eating mangosteens. It helps in good digestion because of its fiber, which can prevent or even cure constipation.

A Good Treatment in Diarrhea and Dysentery

For stomach disorders, mangosteen has a property called tannin, an antioxidant that helps cure diarrhea. According to studies, it is very effective, and could even treat irritable bowel syndrome and other disorders.

Prevention and Treatment for Diabetes

We all know that diabetics are more prone to other conditions like infection and weakening of one’s immunity. Mangosteen improves not only your immune system but also decreases cholesterol levels in the body and prevents the risk of diabetes and other conditions.

Maintains Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

Eating healthy helps you in regulating blood and maintaining heart rate. Mangosteens comprise of a good content of magnesium which is very helpful to achieve normal blood pressure and blood sugar level. It is also proven that mangosteen is useful for treating hypertension.

Prevents Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is a disease with multiple symptoms and it is difficult to handle without any treatment but mangosteen has antiseptic properties that can fight diseases.

Lessen Allergies

Try mangosteen to any kind of allergy as it has an antihistamine that lessens skin inflammation and allergies.

Healthy and Glowing skin

Mangosteen improves your skin quality and brings the nutrients of Vitamin C that reduces skin conditions such as acne, skin blemishes, and dark circles under the eye. It also contains a high level of anti-oxidants that tighten your skin and prevent anti-aging.

Cure Oral Hygiene

Ever have been a little bleeding while brushing? This infection can cure with a gel made up of mangosteen that can lessen bleeding and gum issues.

Ensures a Healthy Pregnancy

Mangosteens have multiple nutrients that contribute and ensures to a healthy pregnancy of a mother. The manganese that found in mangosteen could help to the bone development of the baby. It contains Vitamin C that boosts the immune system of both mother and the baby.

Better Eyesight

This super fruit improves your eyesight, reduces vision problems, and other diseases. It contains Vitamins A and C that protects your eye in the ability to decrease the chances of blindness and other eye issues.

Alternative Uses Mangosteens are believed to treat multiple health conditions but with insufficient proofs.

Blood Flow Regulation

For diabetic patients, it regulates the blood flow where xanthones help widen the blood vessels.

Wound Treatment

It cures injuries and wounds because of its antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

Menstrual Cycle Normalization

Symptoms of the pre-menstrual cycle such as dizziness and hypertension are lesser and balances the menstrual cycle.

Protects from Viral Infection

It reduces infection because of its antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Accustomed Use

For the longest time, Mangosteen has been used for traditional medication and alternative.

  •  In the Philippines, they make a soup out of the bark and leaves for fever and treat thrush and urinary issues.
  • Malaysians use its leaves together with unripe banana and benzoin as an aid to healing circumcision wounds.
  • In some other countries, the concoction of the roots can help with menstrual cycle.
  •  Powdered mangosteen from slicing, drying and grinding are used for dysentery problem.
  • A borscht of the rinds is used for treating diarrhea in both adults and children.

Ways to Eat Mangosteen


– Select the freshest, dark purple-skinned fruit. Avoid yellowish and dry, blotched skinned fruits because it’s old.

– Carefully cut open the fruit because the bitter taste comes out if it’s cut incorrectly.

– Keep the ripe fruits in cool, dry place or refrigerator and eat it within a week.

– Exposing to warm temperature longer than usual causes the skin to harden, making it hard to cut.


– Blend the whole fruit separating the soft and hard parts, seeds and rind included.

– Rinds has bitter taste though. Add honey depending on how you like it.

– Before blending the skin, dry it out first because it lasts longer.

– Pair it with other fruits like papaya, watermelon or grapes for other variations.


– Cut the fruit carefully, remove the skin and dry out the skin. – When it’s dry enough, puree the skin and add to the boiling water. – Let it cool down and your tea mixture is ready.

– Add your sweetener either sugar or honey to taste.


Always keep in mind that moderation is the key to being healthy. Too much consumption of Mangosteen juice might result, but rarely, to lactic acidosis. This might result in complications if left untreated or ignored.