The Healthy Hack

Laurel has been used as a spice or flavoring in cooking in ages because of its aromatic fragrance. Laurel is not just for culinary use but it also has a lot of effective health benefits and has efficient way to contribute to your overall health.

This amazing leaf has a lot of medical components. You can treat many health conditions by extracting its oil from this kind of plant and utilize it.

Benefits of Laurel Leaf:

  • Effectively amazing in cleansing and refining colon.
  • Good for calming nerves.
  • It will give you more intelligence and intellectual focus.
  • Disappearance of varicose veins and joint pains.
  • Prevents swelling in your body.
  • Supports immunity.
  • Eliminates ear pain and migraines.
  • Removes headache.
  • Reduces body tempertaure.
  • Improves digestion.
  • Good for renal and hepatic issues.
  • Excellent for skin conditions, use as a lotion
  • Removes acne and pimples.

Laurel Oil Recipe


30 grams of Laurel leaves

25 ml olive oil


First grind the bay leaves until powdered. Then, add the olive oil over the leaves. Put it in a jar and close the jar tight. Leave the mixture in a high-temperature room for at least two weeks.

Shake it occasionally. When two weeks went by, strain the resulting mixture and put it in another clean container with the lid.

This mixture is recommended to be put in high-temperature areas.