The Healthy Hack

Every now and then, we are likely to take a few more bites than necessary and that is typical. Nonetheless, this becomes a dilemma when we do it regularly. We may overeat for either biological or physiological reasons. And innocence regarding the bad health effects it may cause will become one of our major problems.

Whatever grounds make us overeat, it is a poor habit that we should try to control for it has conflicting effects such as weight gain and weight-related diseases. Here are a few tips and tricks that may be effective for you.

Eat Satisfying Food

Eat Satisfying Food

Abstain from food like white bread, potato chips and ice cream which is loaded with calories but aren’t very satisfying. High protein, fiber and water content of a certain kind are an implication of its competence to satisfy. This is because they take longer to digest. Foods like oatmeal and boiled potatoes can help keep hunger at bay and you will probably also eat less at your next meal.

Use Smaller Plates

Use Smaller Plate

Several studies have proven that using smaller plates has a positive effect on food consumption. But you should be mindful not to use plates that are too small because you might choose to go back for second serving and this will blow the purpose. Try using plates that are not less than 10 inches.

Avoid Distraction While Eating

Avoid Distraction While Eating


Clearing off distractions when eating is recommended. This is because when you pay attention to your meal, it will be apparent to notice when you are satisfied with your meal.

Drink Enough Water

Drink Water

Your body may interpret thirst signals as hunger so it is necessary to drink water as often as you can. Target to drink about 10 glasses a day. An effort to drink at least one glass of water before meals is very effective in helping you eat less.

Never Skip Meals

Never Skip Meal

As your body signals hunger as you wait too long to eat can make you eat more food than necessary. It is suggested to eat on time and also take a healthy snack to reduce hunger when needed.

Eat Slowly

Eat Slowly

Your stomach takes 20 minutes to send satiety signals to the brain. So eating slowly can be useful in preventing excessive eating.