The Healthy Hack

Soursop has been traditionally used for a very long time to cure various illnesses. Also, it has proven effective health benefits that help your body prevent in having severe conditions. Let’s see some of them:

Destroys Cancer Cells

The dominant effect of soursop is to kill cancer cells. Because cancer cell depends on the breakdown of glycogen to glucose as energy, depriving them will make them commit suicide; resulting in loss of numbers of cancer cells. According to some studies, the soursop’s leaf extracts have the properties to prevent lung and colon cancer. This type of an effective remedy can be achieved by boiling the leaves in water and consuming it with an anti-cancer drug. Surely, it will help stabilize the condition over 5 years with no side effects. In summary, soursop’s amazing health benefit is that it slows the spreading of cancer cells and helps the chemotherapy process work better.

Provides Nutrients

Soursop is a superfood which you can have as part of your diet. It has a lot of minerals including iron, calcium, sodium, copper, and magnesium.

Prevents Inflammation

Most diseases are connected with inflammation, soursop counteracts with that. It provides our immune system with antioxidants to compensate the free radical in your body. Its leaf extracts have the power to protect cells from oxidative problems by eliminating the free radicals and produce more antioxidants.

Reduces Arthritic Swelling

According to a study on rats, leaf extracts have been found to have certain inflammatory proteins, TNF-α and IL-1β. By oral administration, the swelling was downsized by 70%-80%. Similar studies are yet to be done on humans.

Discourages Stomach Ulcers

People who are taking NSAID painkillers (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) are at risk of having stomach ulcers. Soursop provides you an antioxidant boost that will help the mucus on your stomach in defending you against ulcer-promoting free radicals.

Relieves Pain

Soursop is a natural and organic painkiller which is used traditionally for a long time. Researchers have shown that it has pain receptors and anti-inflammatory properties.

Helps Control Diabetes

Soursop extracts (excluding the seeds) help your blood sugar level in check. In some studies, the leaf extracts boost the growth of insulin-producing pancreatic cells. A risk factor for type 2 diabetes is hypertension or high blood pressure which can be maintained by the phenolic compounds contained in a soursop. The most important thing is that it can lower blood pressure level without affecting your heart rate.

Shields Against Infections

The natural way is the best way. Soursop, being a natural remedy, is best suited to protect you against infections. Soursop leaf extract has been proven to fight against viruses and bacteria causing leishmaniasis, trypanosomiasis, malaria, and herpes.

Boosts Liver Health

In certain countries, like Ghana, use soursop as a traditional remedy for jaundice. Jaundice is a disease that causes a person’s skin to turn yellow. Furthermore, soursop acts as a protection of your liver from chemically-induced damage.

Manages Convulsive Seizures

Based on a study conducted in mice, soursop leaf concoction was used in an attempt to control fever and convulsions in Africa. It was later found out that soursop leaf extract has a positive effect on chemical-induced seizures.

Prevents Oral Infection

Soursop leaf extracts have the same ability as sodium hypochlorite, a chemical used to preclude microbial infections during a root canal treatment, but minus the side effects such as dental problem. This is a safer choice.

Treats Cuts

We now know that soursop leaves have the anti-inflammatory properties that’s why it is very effective in treating cuts or abscesses. Researchers have believed that the leaves fasten the healing process of wounds and cuts.