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If you are suffering from migraines, you have a prescription from your doctor on what causes your migraine. The lifestyle you have can be one of the biggest factors. It might sound unbelievable but food can also trigger your migraine. The doctor might already give a list of food you are not allowed to eat or to avoid as much as possible because it can trigger the pain. In this article, you will learn the top 5 food that can stimulate your migraine.


This one is true and you cannot question it, after all, alcohol gives a severe headache to those who are not suffering from a migraine. Liquor is bad for your health, it contains a high amount of amino acid tyramine which can give you a headache. Do you notice how much water you want to drink when you have a hangover? It is because alcohol causes dehydration to your body. It can trigger a migraine. And even though they say that red wine is beneficial to your health a glass of wine can cause you a headache.


No matter how much you love chocolates, you have to cut it out of your diet because it contains tyramine which can cause migraines. Most women crave for it during hormonal changes which can add to the pain during the period.

Artificial Sweeteners

Aside from not being good to your health, artificial sweeteners contain aspartame which can cause a migraine. You have to avoid food and drinks like soft drinks, donuts, and low-calorie desserts to reduce the risk of an occurring migraine

Fast Food

This is a quick fix to those who are hungry, burger and fries can trigger a migraine because of the MSG added to the food. Fast food maybe your comfort food but you have to avoid buying food from this kind of establishment. Opt for a healthier meal

Salty Food

Salty food like chips, tortillas, pretzels, instants noodles and mixed nuts contains harmful preservatives that can trigger a migraine. Consuming food with high level of sodium can increase blood pressure causing headaches or a migraine.