The Healthy Hack

Annona reticulata linn, also known as the Custard apple have properties that are surely very helpful and powerful. Here are health benefits of the custard apple:

Lowers Risk in Diabetes

It helps in lowering the level of blood glucose. For those with Diabetes, Custard apple can help in the prevention of complications because of its antihyperglycemic effect.

Heals Wounds

The extract from the seeds of the Custard apple helps in the regrowth of the skin cells and in the wound’s fast recovery. For this ointment, just mix the extract of the seed, honey, ghee and neem oil.

With Anti-Bacterial Properties

The extract coming from a custard apple can serve as a natural antibiotic.

Cancer Prevention

Custard apple has phytochemicals which are antioxidants and cell protection from oxidative stress. The extract from the leaves of Custard apple kills breast cancer as it breaks the mitochondrial pathways of the cells.

Pain Relief

The extract of the custard apple has a compound that has anti-inflammatory abilities which could serve as a natural analgesic.

A Cure for Acne

The strong anti-microbial properties of Custard apple helps lessen the breakout, cleans your skin and clear out bacteria.

Lowers the Risk of Heart Disease

It has Tannin which reduces lipid levels and blood pressure, and Flavonoids which reduces the risk of having a heart disease.