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It Improves Circulation

Improves Circulation

The flesh and rind of watermelon contain an ingredient identified as citrulline. Unexpectedly, citrulline levels are utmost in the rind so it is important not to just throw it away, but rather to chew it or blend it into a smoothie. When citrulline is consumed and converted, it eases your blood vessels, which boosts circulation, and decreases blood pressure.

It Makes you More Affectionate in Sex

When citrulline is absorbed by the body, it transforms to a substance identified as L-arginine, which relaxes blood vessels. This not only advances libido, but also stops and improves erectile dysfunction.

It is Best for Your Eyes

Healthy Eyes

Vitamin A is fundamental for ideal eye health, and watermelon holds an upright dose of it through its amusing source of beta-carotene. Each slice also holds lycopene and Vitamin C, contributing to therapeutic prevention of night blindness, macular degeneration and other age-related vision problems.

It’s Considered a Natural Diuretic

Natural Diuretic

No surprise, watermelon is made up of 92% water, which gives your body plentiful hydration, averting the confinement of excess fluid. However, it’s the 8% of watermelon’s incredible composition that really brings health miracles, having low doses of sodium, and abundantly of calcium, magnesium, potassium and other essential re-hydrating electrolytes, which rid the body of excess toxins and fluid.

It’s a Mood Booster

Mood Booster

The bright red color and scent alone can uplift your mood, but more importantly, watermelon is an outstanding source of B vitamins, which actually release happy signals in your brain. The abundant source of Vitamins B and C can drastically elevate your mood, motivating the balance of hormones and making you feel ecstatic from the inside out.

It Keeps Heat Stroke from Happening

Prevent Heat Stroke

Some studies have exposed that when the outdoor temperature is above your core body temperature, it minimizes your productivity by up to 75%. This fruit not only offers the important re-hydration needed on hot days, but also stimulates cooling through the release of sweat, thereby preventing the hazardous effects of heat stroke.

It is the Best Fruit for Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Watermelon is mainly heavy in water and is rich in nutrients, it helps you feel full without digesting too much calories. 1 cup of watermelon holds less than 50 calories and contains entirely no fat or cholesterol. It also consists of some dietary fiber, which gives you the feeling of a healthy and full tummy.

It Eases Muscle Soreness

Ease Muscle Soreness

Drink just one cup of watermelon juice before workout, your heart rate will be decreased, your blood vessels will be more relaxed and the uric acid and toxins in your body will be flushed out effortlessly. This only means that your muscles will develop less lactic acid, as well as benefiting from the L-arganine essential amino acid power that watermelon contains.

It’s a Powerful Anti-Oxidant


Step aside, tomato! Watermelon has the richest concentration of lycopene formed in any fruit or vegetable. Lycopene performs as a strong anti-oxidant, which not only makes you look youthful, but also guards you from developing degenerative diseases such as cancer, diabetes and stroke.

It Keeps your Kidneys Healthy

Healthy Kidneys

Watermelon cures tension on the kidneys while clearing your body of excess fluids by giving the fundamental support to your liver while processing ammonia. It also stimulates the flow of urine, being a natural diuretic that is far more easing stimulant like caffeine and alcohol. This helps your kidneys unload toxins, keeping them healthy and hydrated.