The Healthy Hack

Preparing yourself for a restful night of sleep is something not to leave behind. Making routines and following it nightly gives you the best chance to have undisturbed slumber.

Read a self-improvement book

Read Self-Improvement Books

Reading self help books before bed can help you sleep faster because it can relax your mind and at the same time it motivates you to do better. Reading a mystery, thriller or romantic novel is too exciting at night time since your imagination will be running wild.

Brush and floss

Brush and Floss

Brushing and flossing your teeth should be on top of the list on your night rituals. It is also the best way to remove decay causing plaque and essential part of oral routine to keep you teeth and gums healthy. Make it a habit to brush and floss everyday.

Get ready for the next day

Get Ready for the Next Day

Before retiring to bed make sure you prepare all the stuff you need for the next day – office or school clothes, project and presentation so you don’t have to be in such a rush in the morning knowing you got it all covered.


Wake Up Happy

Who says stretching is just a pre exercise routine and for waking up in the morning? Stretching before bed not only helps your muscles relax, but also with your sleep.

Go to bed 15 minutes early

Go to Bed Early

It may be a hard habit to pick up but going to bed 15 minutes earlier than your supposed bed time helps you get enough sleep. People are getting less and less sleep now a days because they still try to do things before they sleep making them stay up late at night. Sleep deprivation can lead to some serious health problems. Go to sleep early and make sure to get enough.

Remove your makeup

Remove Makeup

We are all a little lazy at some point to remove make up. Make it a habit to remove all the make up in your face before you go to bed. Cleaning your face is very beneficial because you can avoid all the break outs, acne, wrinkles, dull skin and worst you can get infection with all the dirt clogged on your pores. So remove those make up and don’t forget to moisturize your face.

Write down what you’re grateful for

The Thankful List

Listing down the things you are grateful for before going to bed is not only good for you mind and body but also for your soul. It will make you appreciate all the good things you have in life. You will be thankful for all the blessing the lord has given you. It will have a positive impact in your views in life.



Meditating in your bed at night gives you a peace of mind. It will help you reflect on what you have been doing on a day to day basis. It helps to reduce stress, increase your happiness and raise yourself awareness. Make it a ritual to at least meditate few minutes before bedtime.