The Healthy Hack

There are lots of people in the world who are greatly affected by anxiety. Even when there’s nothing unpleasant happening at all, they are always accompanied by fear and worry. Because of this, their everyday routine may encounter interruptions as their performances begin to flop. With that being said, many propose that medication-and-therapy is the most effective treatment for anxiety because it actually worked for them. However, several lifestyle changes can definitely make a fair amount of development in terms of getting better as a whole, and might also be a good booster when it comes to speeding up the process of complete medication independence. Here are some things you should change to reduce anxiety:


Without knowing, we often eat foods that actually worsen our anxiety, so doctors suggest that we omit, if not decrease, our intake of caffeine, sugar, and alcohol. Caffeine—found in chocolate, tea, coffee, and soda—increases the symptoms of anxiety since it also initially increases mental and physical functioning. Sugar causes mood swings that are sometimes too hard to control, making anxiety stronger eventually. Lastly, alcohol may be a good temporary treatment for anxiety but once its alcoholic factor subsides, it slowly deteriorates the body by causing low blood sugar level that affects the mind as well.


Exercise releases neurotransmitters called endorphin and serotonin that buoy up a mood. It improves self-esteem, social interaction, physical health and self-empowerment. These positive things are created along the healthy pathway that, in return, also helps in controlling the symptoms of both anxiety and depression.


Getting enough of sleep (7 to 8 hours every night) and plenty of rest are musts because the body needs to take a break every once in a while so that it can renew and restore itself in order to work better the next day. A good tip to getting a sound sleep is to turn off all gadgets and electronics so as not to get disturbed by them and their bright lights. Another good tip is to read a book as well as to drink a cup of chamomile tea before going to bed. These two activities aid in making you sleepy.


We should all keep in mind that the things we do to be financially stable and the things we truly love to do are both equally important. Bringing the problems home from work (or school) is unhealthy. The mind is constantly strained by stress and it should be given some time to rest because doing so can actually reduce anxiety.

Social Support

Talking to someone about your worries and fears can extremely reduce anxiety since communicating with people who listen to you intently develops the feeling of belongingness while crushing loneliness at the same time. Together with this, these people usually have the ideal and definite advice and suggestions on hand useful for us to remember how and why we should improve our way of life.


Anxious people are always worrying about the past and thinking about the future, and vice versa. Forcing yourself to stay calm and focus on the present literally makes the body feel better by managing both the blood pressure and the heart rate very well. Also, many studies have proven that meditation notably weakens anxiety.

Social Media

Social media is now one of the main reasons for anxiety and depression due to the fact that the number of likes and comments became the standard of how people see themselves and others. This extensively affected people’s idea of self-worth and self-esteem for the worse. Doing other things that do not involve social media, or even just using it infrequently can reduce anxiety by much.