The Healthy Hack

8 Mosquito Repellant Plants

Many people are fond of outdoors because you got to see the scenic view nature can offer. However, insects are your number one enemy especially mosquitoes.

Fall Asleep in a Minute

Fall Asleep in a Minute

Sleeping is essential to everyone but let’s admit that most people lack in sleep. The society these days is dominated by sleep deprived citizens and it affects all aspect of life.

Avocado Pot

Grow Avocado Tree in a Pot

Avocado is rich in vitamins C, K, E, potassium, and fiber. It has an oily acid which is good for your heart. We all know that this sweet fruit is abundant in nutrients and enrich to every prepared meal that adds color and flavor to your food.

Indoor Plants Air Purifier

16 Indoor Plants that Purifies Air at Home

It’s quite an arduous task to grow plants inside your home. But there are beneficial reasons why you should do it. With all the chemicals present, either in your home or office, the air you breathe can make your health at risk.

Vinegar Gardening

13 Amazing Uses of Vinegar in Your Garden

Besides its culinary uses, vinegar can also do wonders for your garden. The market offers numerous fertilizers and chemicals for your plants, but they are expensive and ineffective, and may also harm your health.