The Healthy Hack

Weekly, we intend to be calm and happy but suddenly, stress happens and forget everything we planned on having a good night sleep, getting to work and even preparing our food. This article’s purpose is to keep an eye on little things every day that adds up to boost your motivation and succeed in life.

Sunday: Meditate


Try meditating for 10 minutes to set the mood for the grueling week ahead. Focus can destress you and let you sleep peacefully (on Sundays) which greatly impact your ingenuity the following day.

Monday: Be an Early Bird Riser

Wake Up

Wake up at least two (one for others) hours ahead on your usual time. Use this extra time to prepare for work gracefully, do some tasks meant for the evening or burn some fats.

Tuesday: Make a To-do List


Do it the old-fashion way by writing it using pen and paper. This way, retention comes into play. Write about uplifting or even comic quotes, important events or lucid tasks that are not limited to “pick-up the laundry”. How about including a research for a week-long vacation?

Wednesday: Move

Couple Jogging

Even in the smallest movement from tapping your toes, playing with your pen and swing around your chair help. It boosts the blood flow in your extremities, according to studies. Pair it up with some music and it’s a sure fire hit.

Thursday: Chocolate

Chocolate on Table

Grab a chocolate to your liking. Any kind will do but dark chocolate is recommended as it helps to your intellectual performance. Reminder to keep it in moderation, any excess is bad.

Friday: Stay at Home

Reading Before Bedtime

Avoid the booze and late night party. Instead, have a night in with your significant other for quality time in your most comfortable clothes, food, and some Netflix episodes. Media helps couples bring them closer together according to Science.

Saturday: Spend Time with Your Pet (or Other’s Pet)

Family with a Pet

Stroll away by walking your dog and not limited to mandatory chivy pee-break. Let them go and sniff around every nook and cranny to their content. You’ll gain from this because you’ll burn some fats while chasing him. If you don’t have a pet, go borrow one. You’ll have a great connection with your neighbor or even gain a new frizzy, hairy friend.