The Healthy Hack

Many people are fond of outdoors because you got to see the scenic view nature can offer. However, insects are your number one enemy especially mosquitoes. We opt to wear clothes from head to toe making us uncomfortable and leaving us no choice but to suffer.

But, we are lucky that even nature is on our side! Nature has these natural plants or flowers that act as mosquito repellant if you plant it in your yard. Additionally, they can become a natural ornament to beautify your surroundings. Here are the plants or flowers that will make your garden or backyard a mosquito free area:


This purple flower blooming plant gives your backyard warming view. This is very known for its soothing scent very nice to your surrounding and inhibits mosquitoes, fleas, and flies.


Plantation of garlic is the best way in protecting ourselves from mosquito insects. You can also plant them in herd pots and place them outside. Also, you will have a fresh ingredient for picking and for future use in cooking.

Lemon Balm

This green plant resembles the smell of lemon and mint. This does not just repel mosquitoes but also attracts good insects like bees and butterfly.


The minty smell of this plant is not familiar to crawly-family insects and ants and mosquitoes stay away from it.


According to a research, the oils extracted from Marigold flowers can give you several hours of protection against mosquitoes.


The scent of rosemary can steer away mosquitoes, flies, and moths. Based on a New York Botanical Garden, they recommend this because it can block the passageway of the mosquitoes through your home. You decor this plant and trim some of it as a seasoning.


This herb is not just used in culinary but also can be used as a mosquito repellant. But you must give this plant a good supply of water, a good drainage, and warm sunlight.


This flower is best as a decoration that adds up beauty in your garden thus, enormously stylish if included in landscaping which needs maintenance. It smells just like citronella which keeps away mosquitoes.