The Healthy Hack

The right woman — someone we find as the better half, someone who can stay by our side for the better or worse, and who is the One.

The right woman, who can fill the missing piece of our world, will nurture our children, help plan your life ahead and make us better men than we ever been.

So, what is it we men want in a woman?


Being beautiful has nothing to do with your appearance, but it’s everything to do with who you really are.

We want women who maintain their good looks just much as how they are as being real and true. Be “that girl” who’s around their girlfriends, and don’t be uncertain to be that easy with us.

We want you to laugh uncontrollably just like how you do it with your friends. We love women who don’t take life seriously, who has a sense of humor.

Just be who you really are. Order a pizza. Get smudges of catsup on your face. Wear sweatpants and tee when we come over. Don’t do your hair and makeup.

We love when you dress and feel beautiful, but you don’t have to flip a switch just to impress us.

If you feel that there’s a need to do that, then you are in a wrong man.


How you present yourself sometimes reflects who you really are.

Wearing clothes that emphasize your body is nothing new or even disrespectful. But that is not the point.

Today, social media is the current trend that you use as a resume for men. All the things you say, you do, whom you go with or where you at reflects on you.

Men don’t want someone who is everywhere, doing everything with everyone. This is true!

Boys might want the popular, but true men don’t.

You should respect first yourself before respecting others. We prefer women who do things low-key because it is very intriguing for us. The lesser we know about that person the more we are intrigued. We intend to force, to inquire, to seek out and to know more things about her. If we know where you’ve been and everything you’ve done, what’s left for us?


Men are very physical human beings. We want the tactile feeling of being touched, kissed, and hugged.

We want a woman to grab our hand, be kissed out of the blue and ask us how was our day, just like you want.

It’s the affection between couples that strengthens the relationship and opens lines of conversation. It makes us feel noticed and important.


We like a woman who is intelligent in a way that she knows so much about the world and even has the interest to make it a better place.

They have this urge to be successful which is the biggest turn on for men.

It not always about a designer’s bag, stilettos, or an episode of Netflix, there’s more to life than you know.

But, we are also guilty for sometimes forcing you to watch “SportsCenter”.  Sometimes we tend to make the wrong decision; but with someone insightful by our side, we make the right ones.

You don’t have to have a degree in Harvard, all you need are just understanding, reasoning and intellect.


Sometimes, life does not go with what we planned.

Every day comes with arduous challenges and having a confident woman by your side makes them easy.

Regardless of her flaws, a woman who finds herself will love a man for all of his. Furthermore, she could bust the doors of resistance and grab the stars with you.

To be honest, we don’t point out every one of your flaws because it makes you different and unique.

If you find ourselves attracted to you, just realize that we aren’t evaluating every part of your body just to find perfection. No one’s perfect.

Knowing and understanding your true worth is rather appealing for us men.

This might sound crazy but, confidence is something we can perceive in a sexual point of view. It’s like an energy that drives, even more, our sexual experience.


Men always want to be the scaffold or foundation of our families, but we also want a woman who can plan life, with us, ahead. We don’t want to plan something big alone. We need someone who has a wide range of thinking.

Women who are committed with ambition understand what it takes to have a successful future with no uncertainties or doubt.

Failure does not have room for them.

A woman who is willing to be a great mother and have a successful career is also the one who strives for a steady relationship. When things get tough, she won’t just walk away, she’ll try to change that.


The Humble woman is a very attractive woman because they tend to focus their energy outward.

This kind of woman puts the happiness of others before hers. They do this simply because it makes them feel protected and peace.

Because of the desire of putting us first, a woman’s ego will not get in the way of making a strong relationship.

Always be humble and try to acknowledge it. There is this misunderstanding that physical appearance, social status, and popularity will help you find you, true love, well it doesn’t.

Please, stop trying. All that matters is being whom you really are — and that’s a real man wants.

Just you, the true you.