The Healthy Hack

All of us get up with every purpose to deal with the day in the best mood ever. But after a cold morning shower and unforeseen traffic on your commute, you’re over it. That is, until you see a friend, who no matter what happens, is always in an upbeat mood.Here are probably the things he does daily to boost his joy:

Setting A Goal

Setting Up Goal

Most of us call this a to-do list, but constructing your brain for two minutes around a couple of must-do tasks can help you contemplate so you feel more proficient by the end of the day.

Making List of Things They Are Grateful For

Todo List

There’s a sense those brief journals work. It’s all about taking down something affirmative versus focusing on all the things that made you feel dreadful. Because even the tiniest thing like an approving email from your boss or something your boyfriend said can work wonders when it comes to boosting your mood.

Spending Time with Nature

Spend Time with Nature

It doesn’t matter if the sun is up there or it’s entirely cloudy. Pulling yourself outside to acquire some fresh air for at least 20 minutes can greatly enhance your mood and relieve stress.

Doing Their Best to Prioritize Me Time

Prioritize Time

No matter how many kids or tasks you have to engage in, me time is important. Consider it: You’ll apparently feel a lot more enduring with others if you’ve already had 30 fancy minutes to do something that’s specifically reserved just for yourself, like plowing through a good novel or getting a gratifying spa day.

Eating Breakfast Every Single Day

Eating Breakfast

If you eat your breakfast, it’s like you’re preventing yourself up for irritability. Definitely fine if you have a little time for a bowl of cereal or oatmeal. Or, if your morning already feels super pressured, be creative and make a breakfast that you can eat on the go.

Drinking Plenty of Water

Drinking Water

Same as skipping breakfast, not drinking the suggested amount of water a day can definitely ruin your mood. So better remind yourself to keep a water bottle by your side at all times.

Appreciating Good Music

Appreciate Good Music

All joking aside, something as simple as cueing up Beatles during your travel period or via headphone at your office can boost your happiness.

Going to Bed as Early as 10 P.M.

Going To Bed Early

Sleep is considered the happiness holy grail. If you don’t get enough of it, you’re doomed to be grumpy. The trick? Set a specific bedtime and be firm with it even if you’re in the middle of the best ever show on TV.