The Healthy Hack

A lot of people enjoy the taste of garlic if they include with dishes that needed the spice. Garlic has a lot of health benefit for the body, either you eat or use it as an ingredients to your beauty ritual or medicinal purposes. Buying quality garlic can be hard these days. You know that you can get in the market but you can also grow one on your own.

Garlic gives extra flavouring to your dishes. It also has health benefit you cannot get from other vegetable. It can boost the immune system, improve the cardiovascular system and prevent development of different kind of cancer.

Growing your own garlic can be healthy for you, because you know that you only use organic materials to grow the vegetable. You are sure that there are no harmful chemicals present.

Step by Step Guide to Grow Your Garlic

  • Make sure to plant your garlic in October because the ground is not chill yet
  • If you are planting indoor, it is okay plant anytime
  • Soil should be loose and fertilize with organic materials.
  • Put 3 inches of organic matter on top of the soil
  • Plant big cloves of garlic
  • Make sure the put the cloves 3 inches deep and 5 inches apart
  • Cover the cloves with soil and dirt
  • Water it well
  • Add some dead leave or dry compost
  • Use organic fertilizer on your garlic plant
  • Remember to only water the soil when its dry on the surface
  • Clip off the flowers to make it strong
  • If you see 6 green leaves, it means that your garlic is ready to use
  • Eat up those fresh organic garlic from your garden
  • Store in in cool, dry and well ventilated place.