The Healthy Hack

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system harmonizing everyone with the surrounding. Much Chinese believes that in order for luck to come in their life they need to follow Feng Shui. In every part of the house, there is different Feng Shui set up. This article will focus on attracting good energy to your bedroom. The list is 7 tips on how you can attract positive vibes inside your favorite comfort zone in your house.

No Electronic or Exercise Equipment

Remove those flat screen TV, desktop or treadmill inside your bedroom. This specific place in your house is meant for relaxation and resting. Electronic equipment will only cause distraction and harmful radiation.

Open Windows and No Plants

Open bedroom windows can instantly cause a relaxation feels. Aside from the natural lighting, fresh air is also good for your health. Plants should not be inside your room, it can affect your sleep since plants produce oxygen which makes you sleep light or awake longer.

Comfortable Bed Position and Mattress

Never place your bed directly across the door, this is bad luck in Feng Shui. Your bed should be diagonally across from the door. Also, make sure your mattress is soft and comfortable for the continuous flow of good energy inside your bedroom.

Soothing Colors

Using bright colors in your bedroom can be distracting. You need to have soothing colors like pastel, light blue or light brown for paint in your room. This kind of colors can help you relax and sleep well. If you want to add some sensual touch, you can use red, or pinks.

Dim Light

Choosing the right lighting for your bedroom is important as light is thought to be a strong energy manifestation. Using different levels of lighting in your bedroom so you can adjust the energy according to your mood. Dimmer light is frequently used to relax and meditate.

Pleasing Bedroom Art

Choosing the right kind of art to place inside your bedroom will help set the mood around. Art that shows happy and calming can release a good flow of energy inside your room. Stay away from art that manifests sadness and loneliness.

Closed Doors and Clean Spaces

A closed door means you prevent the energy to flow out of your bedroom. Also, make sure to clean the clutter inside your room to avoid bad chi that will cause illness and distract the energy flow.