The Healthy Hack

Sleeping is essential to everyone but let’s admit that most people lack in sleep. The society these days is dominated by sleep deprived citizens and it affects all aspect of life. When you don’t have enough sleep it changes your mood, it affects your decision making and productivity. Lack of sleep can also affect your health. It can weaken your immune system and affect how your response to stress.

Breathing Exercise to Help You Sleep

When you breathe slowly your body is able to relax enough making it easier for you to sleep at night

  1. Make sure you are in a comfortable position and it can be easy to breathe
  2. Put the tip of the tongue behind the front teeth. Make sure to keep it there while doing the breathing exercise
  3. Start by exhaling fully
  4. Use your nose to inhale to a count of 4
  5. Hold it your breath and count to 7
  6. Exhale using the mouth slowly
  7. Complete the exercise 5 more times

How To Fall Asleep Faster

  1. Make sure your room doesn’t have any electronic devices like TV, Desktop, laptop or even exercise equipment. Remember that your room is for sleeping and not for working and entertainment. Calm room can be sensed by your body, it sends the vibe that you need to sleep and rest
  2. Before you enter your room to sleep, turn on your air-con first. It can cool down the room making it more sleepy environment when you enter your room.
  3. Write something you are thankful for. Writing can help calm your mind and release all the stress you feel throughout the day. Write down whatever you feel so you can let go tonight and sleep with a relaxed mind.
  4. Don’t listen to any loud music when you want to sleep. You can play sleeping sound like stream water running or rain falling. It can create a relaxing vibe in your room making it easy for you to call it a night
  5. Try sleeping at the same time every day so your body can remember it. Make it a routine so when it’s time, your body will automatically feel that it’s time to sleep. Make it a habit.

At the end of the day, getting enough sleep is the goal to be ready again for a new challenge the next day. After a tiring work, you owe yourself a well deserve 8-9 hours of sleep to help you energize. Trying the following tips will not do any harm. So go ahead and be excited to meet Mr. Sandman.