The Healthy Hack

Less is more. Selecting a minimalist lifestyle can mean a healthier body, mind, and home – and releasing what you don’t need can be pretty purifying.

If you’re a bit of a hoarder, a collector or maybe just really attached to some of your things, which is very justifiable, then minimalism may seem a little terrifying at first.No worries. It’s not only easy, it’s also comforting and refreshing. Here are some simple ways to become a minimalist while still holding onto your favorite things.

List All the Things You Don’t Need

List Things You Don’t Need

If an item is just sitting on your desk in over a year, then it’s apparently just taking up extra space. Take note of unneeded items and be ready to let some of them go.

Get Rid of Any Duplicate Items

Get Rid of Duplicate Items

How many bottles of perfumes do you really need? Do you use three set of cooking knives or just one? Take note of the items in your home that you have more than one of, and weigh their necessity. Be open to getting rid of duplicates of things you don’t use.

Stop the Paperwork

Stop Paperwork

Paperless billing is now offered in most companies, and apart from the hard copies of essential documents like birth certificates and social security cards, know when to save or trash your papers. Do online banking, pay your bills online, and back up your data on iCloud or other resembling services.

Keep Your Home Clutter-free

Clutter Free Home

Embrace a specific cleaning approach that stops the growth of clutter in your house, and sustain the clutter-free mentality in all area.

Simplify Mealtime

Simply Meal Time

Don’t over-buy and load up your kitchen with food, eat perishables before they inedible, and dispose of what has gone bad. Cook smaller meal portions so that food doesn’t go to waste, and make the most of leftovers when you do cook too much.

Pack Lightly

Pack Light

Apply the minimalist method to your travels, and save major bag space by packing light and bringing only the things you need. Not having to distress about extra weight can make the process so much easier and more delightful.

Minimize Your Wardrobe

Minimized Wardrobe

Being a minimalist doesn’t mean a person doesn’t know any fashion sense, but stick to basic and neutral colors and pieces that will go with everything for a classic and clean style. A minimalist never goes out of style, it actually looks elegant. Embracing this kind of wardrobe will make getting ready in the mornings efficient and relieves you to maintain a clutter-free closet loaded of clothes you actually wear, not clothes you think you might wear one day.


Down Size

If the space in your house or your car are unnecessarily big, then consider trimming the space to something more practical. You can save money and cleaning time by letting go of the idea that more space is better. Smaller spaces are easier to maintain and can even feel more warm and cozy.

Go for the Concept of “One In, One Out”

One In, One Out

If you acquire a new item, an old similar item has to go. This will help minimize the clutter and unnecessary excess and will encourage you to really evaluate the stuff that you only need.