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It is helpful to have routine check-ups when it comes to our health, but we should also look for some body signs that are strange for us. Here, we’ve decided to present you 20 signs that can indicate cancer in women and we all neglect them:


  • Wheeze and short breaths are the most common signs of lung cancer.
  • A cough and chest pains are signs that appear in lung cancer, but also in leukemia. The chest pain can go from the chest to the shoulders and then down through the whole arm.
  • Infection and fevers could indicate leukemia because the blood cells are affected in the marrow. Because of leukemia, the marrow creates sick blood cells which affect your whole immunity.
  • Troubles with the swallowing could signify esophageal or throat cancer. It has even been linked to lung cancer.
  • Swelling in the neck/armpit/groin or lymph nodes could be a sign of cancer in the lymph system.
  • More bruising or bleeding than usual could signify leukemia because of affected red blood cells and platelets. Leukemia also obstructs the oxygen flow.
  • Weakness and fatigue can signify many different types of cancer. If you are rested but still feel this, visit your doctor.
  • Bloating and belly weight can signify ovarian cancer.
  • Satiety and less appetite can also signify ovarian cancer.
  • Pelvic pain and abdominal pain can also be a sign of ovarian cancer, but also leukemia because of a larger spleen.
  • Blood in the stool or rectum can signify colorectal cancer. If you notice that, seek for an urgent colonoscopy.
  • Strange weight loss can be a sign of digestion tract cancer or colon cancer. It’s a sign that the cancer is already in the liver and disturbs the appetite.
  • Upset belly along with cramps are signs of colorectal cancer.
  • Red, swollen and sore breasts are signs of breast cancer.
  • Nipple changes are also a sign of breast cancer. The nipples get flat, inverted, or sideways.
  • Abnormal bleeding between menstrual periods along with heavy and aching periods can signify uterus cancer. If you’ve noticed these signs, seek for a transvaginal ultra sound.
  • A swollen face has appeared in patients with lung cancer because small lung tumors can block the blood flow which leads there.
  • Sore skin change or crusty sore can signify skin cancer like melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, or squamous cell carcinoma. Visit your doctor and look for a specialist to perform tests on your whole body, as well as your nails.
  • Nail changes can signify lung cancer. Spots that are brown or black, as well as tipped nails which are white or pale, can signify liver or skin cancer.
  • Lower back and right side pain have been noticed as a sign of liver cancer, but it has also been noticed in patients with breast cancer.

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