The Healthy Hack

Stick your tongue out and check it in front of the mirror. The appearance of it can indicate how well you are taking care of yourself and health condition. Listed down are some proofs about what your tongue can say about your health:

If You See White Patches

White patches on your tongue suggest oral candidiasis, it means over growth of yeast. Brush your teeth at least 3x a day for a week if there will be any changes. If you still see white patches you can buy an over the counter anti-fungal medicine.

Black and Hairy Looking

Black hairy tongue could mean yeast infection, bad oral habits, and diabetes or cancer therapies. The increase of dead skin on it causes the hairy look.  No medicine needed for this condition just practice good oral hygiene by brushing your teeth, gums and tongue.

There Are Red and White Spots

No need to raise the red flag here.  Those red and white spots mean worn out taste bud.

Has Abnormal Redness

Lack in folic acid, B12 or iron can cause unusual redness on your tongue. It can be cure by taking supplement or medicine recommended by your doctor.

Webbed or Striped Look

A webbed or striped look can indicate an Oral Lichen Planus. It is a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease. Remember immune function plays a vital role in your health and ignoring it can be dangerous.

There Are Ridges

Ridges happen when you sleep, and your teeth is press into your tongue. No need to worry because it will go away without medication

You See Bumps

When you smoke, have stress ulcer it can cause cold sore that gives bump on your tongue. You can treat it with home remedies like salt in water, chewing mint leaves or eating cold food like soft ice cream. You can also schedule an appointment with your doctor to talk about your condition.