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People don’t realize they are sleep talking unless their companions or partners told them so. These are mumbling, whispering or even speaking that indicates sleep talk.

Shedding Light to Sleep Talking

This is also known as somniloquy, a type of sleeping abnormality and disorder. Contributing to this disorder are stress, lack of sleep, alcohol, depression, genetics and other sleep abnormalities. Don’t worry because this is medically harmless.

The sound heard from sleep talk is different from the speaker’s normal voice. It’s a result of an unconscious mind which is inadmissible evidence in court. This event happens during REM and NREM sleep cycles. Rapid Eye Movement (REM) is acting out the dream which results to sleep talking and Non-Rapid Eye Movement is the deeper state of sleep which produces incomprehensible sounds.

Chances of sleep talk are likely to everyone but mostly in children and males. Statistics have shown that out of 2,022 young pupils, ages 3-10, sleep talked at least once; and less than 10% do it every night. It normally ceases when you mature. Occasionally, it happens to two sleepers and cannot remember the conversation when they wake up. In addition, it isn’t real. Words were spoken or the context doesn’t add up. It can be offensive or funny or it maybe about their past.

Sleep Talking Explained

A lot of people thinks that sleep talking is part of their dreams. However, there are other factors that affect this.

Outside Factors

Lack of sleep, despondency, alcohol, stress or fever may contribute to sleep talking. But when a person suffers from PTSD or Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, sleep talking is a serious matter.


The fruit doesn’t fall off far from the tree. It can be inherited.

Sleeping Problems

People with existing disorders in sleeping like nightmares, confusion arousals, sleep apnea and REM cycle behavior may also cause this.

Mental Sickness

Though it’s uncommon, it might mean that the person has mental or medical issues.

Taking Medicine

Medicine like Montelukast, an asthma drug, may help develop parasomnia and eventually result to sleep talking or sleep walking.

Is it Bad having this Disorder?

Medically speaking, there’s nothing wrong. Nonetheless, it can disturb others and your partner too. Besides, the person who has this disorder can feel embarrassed.

If this continues, it’s always best to consult a doctor and might give medication or suggest a schedule change in sleeping.