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Doctors have found out that stroke can happen to anyone without any given time or age. This is the result of how you handle your own health and lifestyle mostly in your early life.

Here are the following signs you MUST be aware of:

Blurred Vision or Blindness

According to the people who had a stroke, they had experienced impaired vision on either one or two of their eyes. The blurring of sight and blindness is a definite symptom that stroke is about to happen.

Lightheadedness and Headache Attacks

Experts said that wooziness is one of the great signs especially to women aged 45 years old and below.

Go to the nearest doctor for immediate medical attention.

Incomprehensible Words and Phrases

It may sound bizarre but this is one of the most common indicators of having a stroke. Communication might be hard because the ability to speak clearly is lost.

Weakening of Limbs

This is a strong symptom of stroke. In most cases, the brain becomes numb leading to paralysis and the body to collapse.

Half of the Body is Numb

The numbness, especially in the face, when you pinch or slap and felt nothing, is a definite sign of stroke.

Feeling Tired Without Even Doing Anything

A study conducted with women who are stroke patients has consolidated that exhaustion, fatigue, and confusion were clear signs of having a stroke.

Diaphragm Spasms

Most women experience this symptom. The stroke causes the respiratory mid-center of the brain.

Oxygen Deficiency and Hard to Breathe

This sign indicates that stroke is coming. Cardiac arrest happens when oxygen is lacking in the body.