The Healthy Hack

Admit it, aside from your room the kitchen is one of your most favorite part of the house. You cook good food that you serve to your family. You probably own appliances that can help you create a master piece that you serve during the feast. But on regular days you have your trusty microwave to help your reheat the leftover food. It might come handy on days you are busy but what you don’t know is that it has some side effect that can affect your health.


You know that you always sleep enough at night but you still feel tired when you wake up. The microwave you used every day may be the cause. The wave might be minimizing the production of the red blood cell which transports the oxygen throughout your body. Lack of oxygen supply can cause fatigue. It is best to leave the kitchen when you are heating food in your microwave.


Exposure to magnetic wave can cause the low production of melatonin which is the sleep hormone. You will be suffering from sleep deprivation or even insomnia if you continue to use a microwave.


Using microwave from time to time is okay but if you use it often or worst every day it can do harm to your body. You are more prone to having inflammatory disease since antioxidants are being destroyed when you reheat your meal using the microwave.


Heating your meal in the microwave can destroy all the nutritional content of the food. It also destroys antioxidant which is a powerful substance needed by the body. The lack of vitamins and nutrients can result in serious health problem in the future.


This can be the worst case scenario if you use the microwave to heat your food every day. Every time you heat your food using a plastic container, the plastic release carcinogenic which is cancer causing agent. It can really harm your body so might as well stop using it as possible.