The Healthy Hack

Showering is part of our daily routine and not something we consider that regularly. We learn how to keep ourselves clean when we’re still kids and it just one of those things that we all do, such as brushing our teeth. So, it’s hard to think that we may really be doing it in a wrong way, even though there are mistakes that practically everybody makes. Here are few examples of the most common bad habits that we do while showering…

Washing your hair consistently

We as an individual, we want to have clean, and shiny hair. However, washing your hair every day is a major error: cleaning it repeatedly can make the scalp dry and irritated. So, if your hair is thin or easily damage, you ought to avoid from washing your hair repeatedly — twice a week is enough. But if you have wavy or thick hair, specialists suggest washing it just once a week.

Taking long or too much showers a day

It might be one of the best relaxation in life, however showering for a long time can remove the natural moisture of the skin. Showers should just last in 5 or 10 minutes. Showering more than once a day can damage your skin. In times that you feel the need after you went to the gym or it’s extremely hot, try to make the second shower as quickly as you can and please don’t use soaps.

Not washing your feet or back

Those difficult to reach areas of the body are truly easy to ignore, however, this is a misstep. Most of the skin on our bodies has dead cells that should be washed off and our feet are especially prone to bacteria and germs.

Letting your sponge dry

In times that you utilize a sponge in the shower, the skin cells that you wash off can absorb in the holes and make an ideal reproducing ground for bacteria. That is the reason that it’s a must to dry your sponge completely after each shower. This may also apply to face clothes and some other things you use to rub down your body.

Applying cream late at night

Keeping your skin clean and smooth is essential, however, cleanser can truly dry it out. That is the reason it’s great to apply the moisturizing cream after each shower.

Drying your body too hard

Most of us get out the shower and begin rubbing like you don’t care with a towel to get dry, yet this is entirely hard on our skin. An ideal way to get dry is to use a soft towel and rinse the water off tenderly.

Not taking shower after exercise

Regardless of the possibility that you didn’t sweat much during your exercise, it’s a need to have a quick shower afterward. Indeed, even little amount of sweat can react with bacteria to create a bad odor. A quick wash without cleanser might be useful.

Showering with hot water

Although showering with cold water is not as comforting as doing it with hot water, it has more benefits: it helps to circulate the blood, keeps your skin smooth and fresh, you feel more positive vibes, and it also has antidepressant effects.

Doing your hair shiny

Conditioning your hair is the proper thing to do, however, it can make your hair looking dull and oily. On the off chance that you have long hair, try to use conditioner after. You can apply the conditioner before using shampoo so that the oily effect of the conditioner is washed away.

Wrapping your hair in a towel

Wrapping your hair in a towel after your shower can really damage your hair. It’s better to let your hair dry by squeezing out the excess moisture with a towel rather than rubbing it, which can result from tangled.

Shaving under the water

According to specialists, shaving body hair while water is running over it can cause extreme skin irritation. In any case, you can use special shaving gels and warm or cold water.