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Our vision is one of the most important senses. Our eyes give us almost 90% of all the information from the world. But, unfortunately, as we age, we start losing our vision and have more and more eye problems. We are all aware that elderly people have more health problems than young people, but when it comes to homemade remedies, the both groups of people use them.

We all know that science has made a great progress in the field of medicine. People use eye glasses or contact lenses but some of them also use laser surgeries that can help them restore their vision. Unfortunately, the surgeries aren’t always a safe option because they can cause various side-effects, eye problems or even blindness.

The main ingredient in this recipe is Saffron. A spice that’s extremely effective in eye problems.

Saffron or Kesar is a rich source of antioxidants and carotenoids. High concentration of natural carotenoids, crocin, crocetin, picrocrocin, and flavonoids present in saffron helps to protect the lens and retina of aging eyes. Do you know the role of saffron in macular degeneration prevention? The macula is the central part of our visual field. Macular degeneration is the main cause of blindness.

Use saffron and macular degeneration will no more be a challenge! It will protect the pigmented cells of the retina from oxidative damage. Saffron can restore the function and structure of retinal cells that are damaged by age-related macular degeneration and oxidative stress. There are many ways to include saffron in your diet. We will explain some simple methods to make saffron a part of your daily diet. The anti-oxidant property of crocin in saffron is stronger than alpha tocopherol. It will protect the retinal cells from degeneration and improve the sensitivity of the retina to light. Saffron has anti-carcinogenic, immune modulating and neuro protective properties.

How To Use Saffron To Improve Your Eyesight:

Saffron Water

Add 8-10 fresh organic saffron strands to a cup of boiling water. Keep it closed for 10 minutes. Have a cup of warm saffron water daily in the morning or evening to preserve eye health.

Saffron Tea

To one cup of boiled milk, add sugar and ten strands of saffron. Boil it on low flame and switch off after 5 minutes. There is no need of straining the tea. Sip this and get the benefits of saffron for eye.

Saffron With Salads

You can add about 20 mg of saffron powder or 10 strands of saffron to your favourite salads. One tablespoon lemon juice and half teaspoon salt can also be added. You can have this saffron for macular degeneration prevention.

Saffron And Honey

Mix 20 mg of organic saffron or kesar powder to two teaspoons of honey and have it. Consumption of this, once daily will increase the retinal response and sensitivity to light and improve vision.

Saffron Rice

Add powdered organic saffron to the water you are using for preparing rice. It is better to follow the ‘absorption method’ here. Because straining may remove the saffron powder from the rice. You can have this twice daily.