The Healthy Hack

Tuna is one of the healthiest fish you can ever eat. It is very rich in omega-3 fatty acid which can reduce cholesterol in your blood vessel. But the alarming part of this is that when you say tuna, people instantly think of canned tuna available in the market. No matter what the label is saying about the health content, this canned tuna is bad for your health. Here are 8 reasons why you shouldn’t eat tuna from now on:

High Sodium

Athletes endorsed canned tuna in their TV commercial guaranteeing the health benefit you can get. Although it is rich in protein which is essential for muscle growth, canned tuna also contain a high level of sodium which can lead to high blood pressure or worst stroke.

Absorption of Heavy Metal

A study shows all fish contains traces of mercury. However larger fish like tuna have the highest level of mercury content since they accumulate it by eating smaller fish. WHO said that even if you intake a small amount of mercury it will cause harm in your body. It can affect your digestive and nervous system. If your body contains high level of mercury you are more prone to heart attack.

Horrible Fishing Practice

The way they caught tuna is very disturbing. They are caught by using net which means they are being crushed altogether when the fishermen pull up the net. Those big tuna that make it alive will be beaten to death and thrown in the freezer. Smaller fish will be thrown directly and freeze to death. Making the tuna death painful and slow.

Mass Fish Farming

Overfishing kills the oceans. The demand for fish is increasing and at the same time population of tuna is alarmingly decreasing. It will ruin the balance of the ecosystem.

Harmful Chemicals

With chemical being dump savagely in the ocean the creature from the sea consumes all this toxin passively. Making it dangerous for a human to eat fish and other seafood.

Risk of Food Poisoning

Knowing that fish consume toxins and chemical means it is dangerous for a human to include it to their meal plan. A study in American Center for Disease Control and Prevention 75% of food poisoning comes from consuming seafood.

Tuna Fishing Kills Dolphin

In this photo taken May 10, 2015, a dead dolphin washes ashore in the Gulf of Mexico on Grand Isle, La. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) scientists stated in a report released Wednesday, May 20, 2015, that there are links between BP’s catastrophic 2010 oil spill and a spate of dolphin deaths since the spill. The study is part of a wide-ranging assessment of ecological damage caused by the spill. BP has rejected that contention and said necropsies of dolphins and “other information reveal there is no evidence” to make the link between the spill and dolphin deaths. (AP Photo/Cain Burdeau)

Because of the wide spread tuna fishing, not only tunas are being caught inside the net. Sea creature like dolphin and shark are being beaten to death too

Ocean Pollution

Many factories are dumping their harmful chemical and toxin secretly in the ocean. Also, the fishing industry plays a big role in the ocean pollution. Even human are responsible too with the alarming ocean pollution because of throwing their garbage like plastic and styrofoam that sea creature consume not knowing it will cause them harm.