The Healthy Hack

Public restrooms are full of germs and bacteria that can cause a health problem. Bacteria like Salmonella, E.coli, and campylobacter can make serious damage to your health. At home, there is a low possibility of getting germs and bacteria because you know you clean it spotless. But no matter how clean it looks the fact that it is covered in germs and pathogen from intestinal tract – fecal matter can really be alarming for your health.

You are now living in a technology obsessed society and it’s no surprise that you take your phone anywhere you go, even the bathroom.

  • A recent study shows that more than 40 percent of people use their mobile phone on the toilet. Aside from the obvious danger of accidentally dropping your $900 smart phone into a dirty bowl of water, it’s also the risk of putting yourself into a serious health problem.
  • When you flush your toilet, water with urine and feces sprays 6 feet in every direction (that’s why your toothbrush should not be inside the bathroom).
  • If you are holding your phone, it will pick up germs from that, and you know that your phone stays with you all the time.
  • When you eat, you put the phone on the table and the bacteria it picked up from the toilet can be transmitted to your food (DANGER ALERT!).
  • There are times when you unintentionally put your phone in your mouth (when your hands are full and you just want to take everything in one go).
  • Even washing your hands can’t help you avoid the bacteria because you could still pick up some from the faucet and door handles. And you have to admit the mobile phone is already an extension to your hands.

So with all the information given it is best to not bring anything when you’re using the toilet to avoid spreading germs and bacteria. Also, don’t forget to wash your hands after you use the bathroom to make sure you wash away the disgusting germs!