The Healthy Hack

Girls tends to be a little crazy once month because of their period. Some opt to take medicine to lessen the pain and some just want to be super girl and just endure it.  Listed below are 7 simple hack that can make your life a little easier when the little devil pays you a visit once a month.

Sleep More

During your period days why not pretend to be a Disney princess? Be Sleeping Beauty. Ladies are cranky because of lack of sleep when they have periods. So go to bed, ready the comfy pillow and sleep the day away.

Resist Caffeine

Say goodbye to your cafe Americano for few days. Caffeine intake will worsen your PMS giving you headache, backache and some food cravings. You don’t want to ruin your diet with that, so have some tea and forget about coffee.

Try Some Lavender

The relaxing scent of lavender oil will help you relax during the cranky days. Light up some lavender scented candles or turn that humidifier with lavender oil and expect a visit from Mr Sandman

Track Your Cycle

Lucky that apps that can track your cycle is in the palm of your hand. Knowing when you will have your period can help you prepare and be ready on days when you must battle that painful period days.

Take Vitamin E

According to research taking vitamin E can reduce the pain, shorten the duration of period and can also limit blood loss. Vitamin is not only good for the skin but can also help during those day.

Do Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Exercise is always good for the body. Vinyasa Flow yoga relieves cramps, gives energy and nurture the body using the poses.

Get A Hot Water Bottle.

No hot compress at home? How about using water bottle? It helps to circulate blood flow in your body relieving you from menstrual cramps. Study show that it can relax your body and blocks pain that is being sent to your brain. Mind over matter, right?