The Healthy Hack

Papaya is not only for cooking and as a desert; Did you know that its seeds can be beneficial to your health? There are various methods of detoxifying and cleansing the body, specifically the liver, kidneys and digestive system, using Papaya seeds.

It has anti-inflammatory properties and has been use for many years now in treating wounds, indigestion, high blood sugar, and even cancerous type of diseases.

Here are the health benefits of papaya seeds in details:

Improve Digestion

Papaya is very good in enhancing the flow in the digestive system in the body. It gives strong anti-parasitic and anti-bacterial components which help fight against microorganism in the intestine areas.

Prevent Cancer Cells Development

The flavonoids and phenolic compounds found in papaya seeds act as antioxidants which prevent the development of tumors. Isothiocyanate is a character of phytonutrient that helps prevent colon, breast, prostate and lung cancer.

A Cleansing Agent For The Liver

Chinese experts used papaya seeds as a traditional medicineĀ for curing and recurring liver problems.

Cleanse the Kidneys

The anti-bacterial effects and anti-inflammatory properties from the papaya seeds protect kidneys and the body from harmful toxins.

Control Blood Pressure

According to a research, the papaya fruit improves the cardiovascular condition.

Decreases Inflammation

Chymopapain or papain compounds give anti-inflammatory properties, which provide protection against inflammation like joint pain, arthritis, gout and asthma.

Papaya Seeds used as Contraceptive

In India, Papaya is used as a natural contraceptive. Men should Avoid eating papaya if you want to get pregnant. Based on studies, papaya is said to reduce the sperm count resulting impregnation of women.