The Healthy Hack

Toxins in the body causes you to feel uncomfortable and tired at the same time. You might even blame it to aging. However, these are poisonous to the body and you must detoxify if you notice you have signs that your body is toxic.

Failure to lose weight

You have exhausted the natural ways in losing weight by proper diet and exercise and yet, there’s no result. Mostly, toxins are stored in body fat. Therefore, losing weight is a stretch when you have excessive toxins in the body.

Feel drained

When waking up and have a complete sleep for 8 hours and yet you feel exhausted, you’ve got a lot of toxins in your body. It’s caused by adrenaline fatigue that make you feel drained and tired.


A hormone called Cortisol is released when you’re stressed. If it became imbalanced, especially in the evening, it may cause you to be in hyper mode, and eventually results to insomnia.

Strange Headaches

This could mean that the level of toxins in your body is exorbitant. Toxins such as MSG and Aspartame can cause headaches which are commonly found in artificial colors and preservatives and heavy metals.


Hormonal imbalance causes you to have a mood swings for both men and women. Xenoestrogen is a type of toxin that poses as estrogen in body.

Bad Odor

This can be a cause of high levels of toxins that the liver and colon cannot process anymore. You can drink milk thistle, coffee enema or do a liver flush to help ease the elimination.


Being constipated could mean that toxins are in great number. These are absorbed in the bloodstream too which makes your body toxic.

It’s imperative to flush away the toxins in the body. Drink more water and increase intake of fiber to relieve constipation.