The Healthy Hack

Aluminum foil can easily be found in most kitchens. We normally use it to cover leftovers or wrap up tomorrow’s meal, but have you ever look at the possibility of wrapping yourself in it? Here are four best reasons why it’s a good idea.

1. It cures colds

Using it is an answer to many flu symptoms— and no meds! For about an hour, try wrapping your feet in five to seven layers of foil. It’s an anti-inflammatory material and can help ease some of your cold symptoms.Let your feet breathe for two hours and then repeat the process. In few days, you will feel the improvement. Don’t forget to visit your physician if symptoms last for longer.

2. Relieves and lightens burns

What we don’t realize is that aluminum foil is better choice than most other things when it comes to curing burns. Researchers even urge that doctors treat fresh burns with foil. First, run water over the burn, carefully clean the wound, and then dry it with a clean towel. Wrap the wound in foil and fasten it with tape after applying a layer of ointment and clean gauze. Try to abbreviate your movements and let the pain pass.

3. It boosts your energy

A short period of sleep or a stressful day can leave you feeling completely tired, even if you are committed to do a lot of house chores. Aluminum foil can help you feel upbeat and ready to face the day. Place a few thin strips in the freezer. After two to three hours discharge them from the cold and place them on your eyelids and cheeks. You’ll immediately notice your muscle calming and loosening. Once you feel a sense of relaxation, remove the strips and be surprised at how much more awake you feel!

4. Eases achy joints

Aluminum foil can be the ultimate saver for people with aching arthritis, gout, or sciatica. Wrap foil on the painful part and try to control your movements. Let the foil sit overnight or for a day. Do this for 10 days and then wait two weeks and do the whole process again. You’ll be amazed to feel your pain gradually melt away.