The Healthy Hack

Hands can tell something about your current health situation. Your palms and fingers can indicate health problems in other parts of your body. This is really helpful because you can sense that it’s a warning to take better care of yourself and your health. Here is some list of symptoms you cause to prevent any further damage to your health.


When you feel your hands getting a tingling sensation on regular basis it can be because you are lacking in vitamins B complex. You can visit your doctor to get a blood test to see what appropriate vitamins can be prescribed to you.


Numbness on your finger can be really alarming. It can be an indication of a cardiovascular disease. Visit a doctor to have checked and prevented it from getting serious.


if you feel a tingling sensation from feet and then moves up to your hand can suggest that you are starting to have diabetes. Get your blood check right away to get the right treatment.


Lifting heavy objects can put your hands and back in a bad position. If your finger is hurting because of over exerting the tension when lifting heavy things you should take time to rest and sleep enough.


When you have problems with your spine, the nerve pathways shows symptoms through your hands. Having a good sitting posture and exercising using yoga can be a great help in taking care of your spine.


This disease occurs when the median nerve, which runs from your forearm to your hands makes the same movements over and over again. It creates pressure on your wrist and causes pain around it. If you feel this kind of pain you should see a doctor and start having therapy to avoid further damage.


Buerger disease is when your blood vessel becomes inflamed can create a blood clot. If your fingers are numb and looking blue this can be symptoms of this disease. The cause can be smoking which has a lot of bad side effect to your health. This disease is very rare so when you see any of this symptoms consult your doctor right away and change your lifestyle.