The Healthy Hack

Having a good set of pearly white teeth can give you a confidence boost. Healthy teeth mean you have a healthy body too. You use all kind of teeth whitening products and expensive rich in calcium toothpaste for stronger teeth to achieve it. There is also food that you can eat to help you achieve your goal. Here is the list of food that you can include to your meal plan to help you achieve stronger and whiter teeth.


Wheatgrass can eliminate harmful bacteria that damage the teeth and gums. It also fights tooth decay making your teeth stronger and whiter.


It contains malic acid that acts a natural enamel whitener. You can munch on strawberries all you want or you can crush it and add some baking soda and spread it to your teeth using a soft bristle tooth brush. Leave for few minutes and wash it. Ta-da you have a whiter teeth.


Lemon is rich in vitamin C that helps lighten the teeth. It acts as a bleaching agent to help you achieve a whiter teeth.  The citric acid from the lemon can cleanse the mouth and its natural sweet smell can freshen it.


This fruit really lives to its saying that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Like the strawberry, apple is also rich in malic acid that helps remove yellow stain giving you a whiter and stronger teeth.


Onion contains sulphur compounds that help remove harmful bacteria from your mouth.  It can fight cavities that cause tooth decay, prevents staining and gives you a stronger teeth.


This is fruit is rich in vitamins C which can act as a bleaching agent to get you a whiter teeth. It can also help in making your gums stronger and heals gum infection.


Broccoli helps boost the health and whiteness of your teeth.  It also has iron that helps provide protection to your teeth against enamel-degrading acid that causes bacteria. Also when you eat it raw it naturally breaks plaque build up to restore your gorgeous smile.


Cheese contains calcium that can help restore minerals your teeth lost due to other food. Snacking on cheese increase saliva, which cleans your teeth and removes stains.



Like apples, celery can help remove stains on your teeth. Munching on celery whitens your teeth naturally.


Carrots help with whitening teeth by increasing your saliva which acts as a natural cleansing agent. It can also help in strengthening the gums.