The Healthy Hack


No matter how hard we try to consume every food that we purchase, there will always be a time when some of them will finally meet their end and make their ways into the trash. It is inevitable, but it does not have to be a total waste. There are certain foods that can be consumed in a particular amount of time after its labeled expiration date. Here they are:

Fresh Produce

In most cases, a one-month grace period is allotted for dairy products after their expiration date. Yoghurt, specifically, is still consumable after three months. Moreover, cured meats such as hams and sausages can be stored frozen for two more weeks after its expiration date.


In order to maintain its ability to be edible, it is suggested that eggs have to be refrigerated. The shelf life of eggs lasts up to two weeks when stored this way. However, even if refrigerated, eggs with discolored whites—for example, when the egg whites are pink or green—should be thrown away. There is a technique to check if an egg’s inside is not damaged or spoiled, and that is to put it in a container filled with cold water. If it sinks to the bottom, then it’s fine. If it floats, then it’s time to be disposed of.


The most delicious cheeses have mold rinds, and some of them are fine to be eaten like that. If you find it simply unappetizing, just remove the green stuff and enjoy the remaining block. Unlike the majority of food, cheese is actually a whole lot better when it’s old (of course, it still depends on what type of cheese it is), that’s why they use a mold to age it in the first place.

Honey, Sugar, and Salt

These three are essential in every home and it’s great to know that they, as well as maple syrup, fortunately, have no expiration date. Keep a huge amount of them in your cabinet and you will never have to worry about spoilage or anything alike. Their shelf life is literally for life.

Chocolate, Rice, Pasta, and Lentils

Chocolate, rice, pasta, and lentils are dry foods, in which there are no risks of developing mold. Chocolate is still edible two years after its expiration date while the rest are, too, but multiple years more.

Canned Foods

Food that is canned is definitely and obviously filled with preservatives, which is why it is very unhealthy. On the other hand, this is the best packaging for foods if you are planning to stock up as it has a long shelf life. When buying canned foods, we always check the expiration date and look for dents and rusts because these tell us if they are still consumable and worth spending money on. However, we often tend to forget about it once it’s inside the cabinet, and before we know it, it’s expired. Considering the contents smell alright and the lid does not look like it’s about to explode, then it most likely is still edible. You’re good to go.