The Healthy Hack

Crying is a common human reaction, it can be because of much different emotion. The reason for your tears may be due to losing family members, failed relationship, frustration or because you’re overjoyed, you’re thankful etc. Crying can benefit both the body and the mind. In fact, the first reaction when you were born was to try to let everyone know you’re alive. Who said that crying is only a sign of weakness, in this article can explain how beneficially it is for you when you cry.

Expels Toxins

Emotional tears contain stress hormones and toxins, when you cry you not only release negative emotion you are feeling but you also flush out harmful toxin in your body.

Destroy Germs

Human tears contain anti-microbial power which can kill harmful bacteria. It also have lysozyme which can eliminate 95% of germs and can terminate the bacteria cell wall.

Improves Eyesight

When you cry, your vision becomes clear because tear have lacrimal gland which lubricates the eyes after you cry. Tear also acts as a cleaner to remove the tiny dust in your eyes.

Elevates Mood

You somehow ease the pain when you let your emotion go and cry. It can lift up your mood because you let it all out what’s in your heart. Crying becomes your outlet to release you bottled up feelings you’ve been keeping from everyone.

Relieves Stress

Stress is something that can ruin your disposition. It takes you out of your element when you get stress you sometimes feel you don’t know what to do. When you cry it can release the feeling you’ve been holding back. It let go of all the negative feelings and frustration you are experiencing. Usually, after you cry you pick yourself up and start fixing things on your own pace

Strengthens Communication

When you are feeling too many emotions, words are not enough to explain what you are going through but somehow when you cry you are able to express how you are feeling. It can be because you’re happy or maybe because you are sad.