The Healthy Hack

Do you check the label of the products you use on your body?  It is still best to always double-check if the product you’re going to use is safe or harmful to your body. Listed below are 10 cancer-causing products you might want to avoid purchasing. Always be on the safe side and remember that prevention is better than cure.


Scientists have found that some ingredients used in toothpaste can cause cancer. The best option for you is to switch to organic toothpaste or toothpaste with less chemical ingredient for your safety.


Girls love putting lipsticks on because it creates a statement. But recent studies show that some chemical found in lipsticks can trigger cancer. When you eat or drink you tend to swallow a few toxins from the lipstick residue. The best way to avoid it is to start using organic base lipstick.


Sun exposure can lead to some serious skin problems. You put sunscreen to protect your skin from the harsh ray of the sun but what you don’t know is that ingredient like Retinyl Palmitate that produces growth of skin tumor and cancerous lesions.


Makeup lovers know how important moisturizer is when applying makeup to your face. Moisturizer prevents skin from becoming dry or oily but contains materials like tars and arsenic that can cause skin cancer. You can use natural oil like coconut or almond as an alternative moisturizer.

Fairness Cream

Fairness creams promise its user a flawless, whiter and even skin but the reality is they can speed up aging and maybe even cause skin cancer because of the chemicals they use.


While a mascara wand can boost confidence through long and voluminous lashes, the toxic materials found in this beauty product can cause a negative impact on your health.


This hair product that makes your hair stay in place can cause a serious health problem. The main ingredients of this product are a polymer, solvent, and propellants like vinyl chloride which is a cancer-causing agent. Hairspray also causes lungs irritation, acute poisoning if inhaled and not to mention is very FLAMMABLE.

Talcum Powder

Talcum powder is useful for keeping skin dry and helping prevent rashes but a study shows that it might cause ovarian cancer because of its material like magnesium silicate and asbestos.


Deodorant is needed to have a clean hygiene but the component found in deodorant might cause cancer in the underarm and breast. It’s best to find an alternative which has less chemical.

Nail Polish

Nail polish contains a toxic chemical which can cause serious health problem like cancer. Yes, the colorful polish is nice to look at but knowing that it causes harm to your body can make you think twice before applying it regularly.