The Healthy Hack

People often are conscious of not wasting water resources, you may want to re-use all that boiling water in your electric kettle until it’s empty well you shouldn’t. You might want to boil fresh water instead, for your small cup of tea or coffee.

Isn’t boiling water purifies it? Re-boiling the water is safer, correct?

Boiling Water

Wrong! It’s the exact opposite.

Take a closer look what really happens when the water is boiling. You will notice it simmer, with all the bubbles and steam, but chemically, something unknown to the naked eye is happening.  Reheating the same water twice will change the oxygen level that contains unsafe substances. Reexamine the tea for example, brewed tea with fresh water tasted differently than with a reheated water.


Yes, boiling the water is a great way to eliminate bacteria, but when you boil water multiple times, poisonous substances might accumulate over time. Arsenic, nitrates and fluoride can add up as result of the chemical change happened over time. Studies shows that fluoride can have a negative and damaging effects on our brain and our nervous system.

Minerals found in boiling water don’t evaporate

Boiling water multiple times until the water is empty will just leave crust of minerals intact in the container. Therefore, you might be absorbing concentrated amounts of minerals like calcium, that could be a reason for acquiring kidney stones.

Kidney Stones

Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t ever reheat water multiple times. Thought, it might still depend on how clean the water you are using. Small amount for a cup of drink won’t be a big problem, but it’s better to avoid these increasing effect overtime. If you still have much water left on your kettle, start fresh, let the old water cool, and re-use it for your plants, it’s good for them.

Watering Plants

Freshly boiled water will always be a good thing, in fact, it will actually make your tea or coffee taste better.