The Healthy Hack

Most women wear a bra during the day, some at night. Bras come in shapes and sizes. Did you know that you don’t have to wear a bra all time just to make it look bigger and attractive? What a lot of people don’t know is that compressing your breasts into your bra can lead to the unattractiveness of your bust and also affects your general health.Why not put away your bra? Things might just happen in away that you probably never think of.

Here are the advantages:

Increases your Cup Size

This is not a bluff! If you were to stop using a bra, your cup size might increase from a B-cup to a C-cup after a while. Of course, they will not become fuller instantly but it could make them perk up naturally, making them look bigger.

Gives Nicer Shape

Women believed that wearing a bra can prevent their bust from sagging but it’s not always like that. According to a French study, not wearing a bra can make your breasts perkier.

Prevents Breast Cancer

We can’t say that bras are bad for your breasts. In the same study, it was shown that wearing a wrong size of bra can give discomfort and shortness of breath that may cause Breast Cancer. By putting away your bra, the blood circulation improves and makes you hygienic because the sweat that accumulates between your breasts and bra is a place for the growth of bacterias.

You Feel More Comfortable

Many women fond of that feeling of taking off their bras after a long day of work especially, if they are too tight and gives them discomfort. Imagine, if you ditch off your bra, you can feel this every second of every minute and every day.

Makes Your Sleep Disorders Go Away

If you are sleeping with your bra on and you can’t sleep through the night then, it’s the bra that is the problem. Based on a study, wearing a bra while sleeping can interfere with your sleep patterns which mean less sleep. You probably going to think about this one, right?

Saves You Money

Stylish bra sometimes cost you a lot of money. Of course, there are cheaper ones but the quality isn’t as good and sometimes you end up buying another one. So instead of buying a bra, why not save your money for something you really want or need?

Improves Blood Flow

Have you ever known the effects of wearing a tight bra to your body? When something attaches to your skin, this prevents a good circulation of blood. This affects your general health and can make you feel fatigued. If you ditch off your bra, this can cause you to be fit and attentive.

There are other cases that you are recommended to wear a bra, like in sports or if you have a large cup size.  Otherwise, these seven advantages will make you reconsider of wearing a bra.