The Healthy Hack

Sleeping problems manifest in various forms and in a multitude of ways. Tossing and turning for a long time, try to catch sleep and dreaming about the fastest cure to sleep. This remedy is called Acupressure. You just need to put pressure on certain points of your body and it’ll get you to dreamland in no time.

Here are the three points to focus on dealing with sleep disorders.

Pressing the “LV3” point. It can aid to various sickness including in-somnolence. It is on the top of the foot amidst the big toe and the second toe. Press this for five seconds before trying to doze off.

Pressing the “P6”. This is situated on the arm between the tendons and the wrist ( three-finger width). Administer for about 5 minutes and you’ll fall asleep quickly.

Pressing the “K1”. This is positioned on the underside of the foot, middle of the contact line of the sole and the ball. Apply pressure for 30 seconds and pause for 5 seconds and repeat for 30 seconds or so.

If you want to get the sleep fast, try avoiding caffeine or nicotine filled products when it’s near your bedtime. Regulate your sleep because it’ll help your body to find the rhythm of your sleep every night. It’s essential to refrain from watching tv, eating or working on your laptop and not miss your bedtime.

These acupressure methods already helped a lot of people to beat sleep disorders. So if counting stars or backward doesn’t do its purpose, explore on these methods.