The Healthy Hack

It is much easier to envy an amazing abs than to come by – and it’s no secret that perfect abs take a whole lot of work. To achieve the core you want, here are 15 daily habits of women with the strongest, flattest abs, that you can pursue. Pick a few, be persistent about them and you’ll be acquiring rock solid abs in no time. Good luck!

They Try New Workouts

Our bodies are so amazing that they comply immediately, so we have to alter the routine. It’s why people with great core hardly do the same workout more than twice.

They Set Realistic Goals

Rather than going to the gym thinking about abs, try going to the gym thinking about getting an additional 10 seconds in your plank or enduring an extra five minutes in your run.

Set Realistic Goals

They Focus on Form Instead of Reps

As you work on your core, don’t fix your attention on crashing a specific number of reps, which can crop up in irregular form that makes many exercises less effective. Rather, hang up and focus on your form. You will feel the change quickly and the results will show up faster.

They Use Gym Time Wisely

When you’re busy and too engaged on everything in your life, you have to count on effective workouts to maintain your shape. The context of doing full-body, high intensity interval training workouts, which burn tons of calories while building strength and stamina. However, you can have abs for days – but you’ll never see them if they’re concealed by fat from calories that are reserved instead of burned.

Use Gym Time Wisely

They Don’t Starve

You can’t just build muscles – abs included – without eating proper food. Try not to weigh or scale food, and instead depend on your body to inform when your stomach is full.

They Go for Lean Meats and Smart Carbs

Considering that you’re a meat eater, try to latch onto leaner meats like chicken and fish. Don’t be scared of consuming starchy veggies or carbs either: Yams, sweet potatoes, rice, quinoa, and whole grain breads are all element of an excellent diet that can help with exploding belly fat – but be sure to not include baked goods and processed foods in your diet.

They Consider Having a Cheatday

Conditional on your situation, it’s not imaginable to always eat perfectly. Eat everything in restraint – even if it’s pizza. You may not know this, but the body requires a bit bad food for it to truly utilize the good food.

Having Cheat Day

They Drink Water

Target to drink about 3 to 4 liters of water per day and refrain from binge-drinking alcohol. You can always go for a glass of wine, but again all in moderation and always be reasonable.

They Stay Away from White Foods

Many people with great abs do not consider dieting – but a lot of them do trust in limiting white carbs with added sugars, primarily because white sugars and carbs (like white flour) tend to make up many processed foods. Processed foods are likely to lack fiber. So aim eating mostly clean foods like protein, veggies and brown rice.

They Prefer Doing Planks Instead of Sit-ups

Planks are the recommended abs exercise because they’re way more effective for targeting your core than a classic sit-up and are validated to engage more of your abdominal muscles.


They Avoid Salty Food

Stay away from sodium to avoid water retention. This is how you make your abs look their finest – especially when you plan on wearing a bikini to the beach.

They Eat Asparagus and Cantaloupe

Asparagus is a natural diuretic, which helps your body avoid excess water or bloat, and cantaloupe is also an excellent flat belly food.

They Enjoy Doing Cardio

There are no shortcuts if you want perfect abs. Cardio is an important factor in keeping your six-pack looking solid. An alternative is to run four to five days a week, shifting speed and intensity to keep your body guessing. On non-running days, choose a fun sport like indoor cycling, swimming or the elliptical machine – keep in mind to shift your workout to another effective one.

Enjoy Doing Cardio

They Snack Constantly

Rather than eating three excessive meals a day, be sure to eat snacks throughout the day – it keeps your metabolism moving.