The Healthy Hack

Are you having trouble on following through your diet? Do you think you can’t have a snack because it gains you weight? Well, you’re wrong! To lose weight, you need snacks! Why don’t you start munching delicious and nutritiously good snacks?

Here are 18 snacks that are both luscious and nutritious that will surely burn those calories of yours!

Greek yogurt with Raspberries and Honey

This trio will surely make you feel voluptuous and refreshed. This sweet and creamy blended snack has a combination of good fats, protein, and fiber which help get rid of your excess fats and lose weight. Mix Greek yogurt, a teaspoon of honey and cup of raspberries in a single-serving container.

Walnuts and Grapes

Both ingredients are loved by so many and mixing these, too can result to a better contentment and help you cut some calories without limiting yourself. A few walnuts and a cup of grapes together contain healthy fats, protein and fibers that give you usable energy that lasts.


A cup of Edamame has both protein and fiber. If you want them to last longer, eat them straight from the shells. According to a journal, the Appetite, you will feel fuller when you eat and can see the remnants (pods) of your food.

Wheat thins and Cottage Cheese

Try dipping in Wheat Thins to cottage cheese and it’s delightful! With a half-cup serving, cottage cheese has protein that will make you feel fuller until mealtime.

Mediterranean Hummus Tray

Do want some Mediterranean vibes to your snacks? Your spread should contain four tablespoons of hummus, four Kalamata olives, and a cup of sliced cucumbers. This snack is high in fiber and low in fats.

Blueberries and Oatmeal

Who says oatmeal are only for breakfast? You can eat them as snacks. Oatmeal are full of fibers which control blood sugar levels. As for blueberries, they contain a hint of sweetness and vitamin C. Try a packet of instant plain oatmeal which is microwaveable and sprinkle it with blueberries, delish!

Banana and Peanut Butter

Spreading peanut butter onto a banana will result carbs that will energize you and proteins that will keep your energy running for hours. Research shows that consuming peanut butter in the morning can help restrain your hunger throughout the rest of the day.

Slices of Apples and Cheese

It might not necessarily keep the doctor away, but it can help you lose weight. According to a research, cheese might also! Slices of apple with half-inch slice of cheddar cheese and voila, you have a salty and sweet snack that is perfect for your taste buds!

Cheerios and Soy Nuts

This snack contains fiber and protein. It might not be a usual pair but mix a quarter-cup roasted, salted soy nuts, and half-cup of Multi grain Cheerios together and you’ll be obsessed to this delightful snack!

Turkey Rolls

This mini meal is prepared by rolling up five slices of turkey with two grilled red peppers and two teaspoons of spicy mustard. This snack only contains 150 calories for usable energy.

Slices of Pear with Almond Butter

To prepare this snack, blend your slices of pear with almond butter. This snack is rich in carbs and protein. For a better health profile, sprinkle some cinnamon.  Cinnamon has properties that can regulate your blood sugar levels.