The Healthy Hack

If you are familiar with a lot of information about exercise, workouts, and nutrition, you might wonder that most of them are truly misleading. Some people are given with bad advice that might eventually do harm to them mainly because of confusion to what they have read. So if you have just started working out and needed some research, you are in the right place! Here are some fitness tips you might consider right away.

Real Deal: Compound Exercises

Compound movements are the foundation of every weight lifting program and absolutely vital for your success. Every compound exercise requires the work of multiple muscle groups hence the help of this kind of exercise is important. Compound movements include deadlifts, bench presses, and wide-grip pull-ups, chin ups, squats, clean and presses and rows.

Change the time of your workout.

The body would adjust itself to the workout time in a span of weeks. Thus, the body would slow-down because of the familiarity of your body to the routine you do. This is the moment you need to change something in your current routine: increase the weight you lift, increase the repetitions and change exercises.


Training them will help you grow all over. Confusing? Asking why is it vital to have a regular leg day routine? The leg area itself is composed of almost 70% muscle of the body. Also, you don’t want to have those chicken legs.

Proper Diet is a MUST.

You can find the best routine out there, but if your diet is not in check you are not going to magically transform your body. Diet is the biggest factor in how you will look. Give your diet the attention it deserves. Lesser carbs, more fiber.

“Gains” would help.

You always see posts about “gains” and apparently they are true. You can increase the benefits of your workout by feeding your muscles what they crave for.

Add that cardio to your program.

Cardio can be very beneficial for you. Cardio speeds up fat loss and increases your insulin sensitivity. Just remember not to over-do it.

Spot Reduction? NOT possible.

Losing fat is the result of a consistent and effective cardio program and diet plan which causes a total loss of fat over your entire body. So stop doing thousands of crunches in an attempt to get a six pack and have a proper diet.


No Excuses!

Going to a gym? There are many exercises that you can do at home. Thus, not going to the gym to get fit is not an excuse!