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Many people have questioned, is coffee a recommended pre-workout drink? Yes, indeed! Drinking a cup of black and unsweetened coffee can positively affect your performance when working out, but drinking too much can also be harmful. It is obvious that professional trainers recommend coffee as a pre-workout drink because of its capabilities to minimize your weight gain, to lessen your perception of exertion and pain, longer training, and better endurance.

How Does Coffee Help You as a Pre-Workout Drink?


Prolongs Training

Want some longer and productive training? Take a sip of coffee! Coffee can help you boost your performance during a workout. It has been popular among the people around the globe specifically, to athletes. But, excessive caffeine intake is bad for you, so limit yourself.

Enhances your Performance

Coffee does not just extend you training but also gives you a better performance. Studies show that coffee is the safest source of caffeine. The caffeine content in a coffee serves as a fuel to keep you going and makes you not feel fatigued or tired, that’s why coffee has been consumed by many male athletes.

Aerobic Capacity Booster

Aerobic Capacity is the highest amount of oxygen consumed during maximal exercise in activities that use the large muscle groups in the legs or arms and legs combined. It has also the ability to operate oxygen in the body which helps your body to minimize tiredness and improve your endurance. The importance of coffee in this matter is that coffee stimulates lipolysis. Addition to the information, it is understood to oxidize fats which lower fatigues.

Lowers Weight Gain

Based on research, coffee can result to minimize your weight gain by giving you a great energy deficit. Also, coffee is known to indicatively enhance the thermic effect and fat oxidation together, boosting metabolism.

Lessens the Power of Thinking Pain and Exhaustion

When you are doing maximal workouts, your body intends to feel excessive pain; here is when coffee becomes handy. Drinking coffee before working out can make you feel lesser pain and tiredness which results to longer workouts.

Is Regular Intake Of Coffee Safe?

Coffee as a pre-workout drink is safe, but there are dangers of excessive consumption which can be harmful to you. Some of these are:


Coffee becomes addictive because it is a known stimulant which helps discharge happy hormones, dopamine, the neurotransmitters that help control the brain’s reward and pleasure centers. We can say that the drinker is addicted to coffee when shows syndromes of intoxication, withdrawal and being dependent on coffee.


Coffee cause dehydration because the caffeine they contain has a diuretic effect. (A diuretic is a substance that causes your body to produce urine, and it has been suggested caffeine can do this because it increases blood flow through the kidneys.

Sudden Awakening

It has been known that coffee can keep you awake at night at least two hours less than your usual sleeping period.

How much Caffeine Should You Take?

Since we find out that caffeine intake can positively affect your performance during a workout, then you should select the best source of caffeine, which would be coffee.

Caffeine without add-ons is the most effective but just remember not to over consume coffee. We suggest a shot of espresso before your workout and not more than that.

Four cups a day or 28 cups a week is the total cups of coffee an average person should drink but more than that can lead to addiction.

Now, why not replace your usual pre-workout drink with one cup of coffee?