The Healthy Hack

Parenting is a hard work but it will always be worth it when you raise your child to be a responsible and kind person. Parenting changed drastically but the values you want your child to have remains the same.  Here 11 things you can teach your child that can help change their life.

“Always give what you can.”

Instilling values to your children is important to help them grow to be a responsible and kind adult. You have to teach them that it is better to give than to receive. The happiness you get from giving is great reward already.

“Appreciate the little things in life.”

You have to teach your children to appreciate even the smallest thing. Teach them to be thankful for all the things God is giving them. You tell them to pursue whatever makes them happy and not mind other people.

“Don’t ever settle for less.”

Don’t settle for things that are just OKAY. You work hard to get the things you deserve. If you’re not happy about something then don’t stop even if people around you tell you to. Teach your children to reach for their dreams and never give up until they achieve it. Make sure they know what it feels like to have the best so they won’t settle for less.

“Be grateful every single day.”

If you are going through some trouble you still have to be thankful you’re alive. Be thankful for everything you have right now. Teach your children to be grateful even for the littlest things God is giving them and don’t ask for something they don’t need.

“Kindness is the greatest gift you can give.”

Being kind is one of the greatest lessons you can teach your children. Teach them to be kind to everyone they meet because everyone is fighting a different battle every day.

“Treat everyone with respect, even if you don’t agree with them.”

A lot of misunderstanding happens when you don’t respect each other. Teach your children to respect everyone they meet even if they don’t share the same values.

“Follow your heart.”

Whether it’s a dream or a person. Teach your children to follow their heart. Teach them that no matter what other people say, they are the only one who knows what is their heart desires. Teach them they are the one who holds their happiness.

“Don’t let other people steal your joy.”

Teach your children that when they depend their happiness to another person they will be disappointed. Second, teach them that the only thing that matters is their opinion and those who don’t know their story doesn’t have the right to comment on their life.

“What you think you become.”

Teach your children that negativity will bring them nowhere. Teach them to always find a good side to every situation and always have a positive attitude.

“Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.”

Fear of making mistakes stops the child to try harder. Teach your children that it’s ok to make mistake and treat it as a lesson they have to learn the hard way. Teach them to not stop trying when they encounter problems ahead. Teach them to always keep on trying.

“Treat your environment as your home.”

Open your children’s eyes to what is happening to the environment. Teach them to care for mother earth. Teach your children how important it is to take care of the planet. You can start by education them not to throw trash on the street, encourage them to plant trees. Show them how to love and care the planet you are living in.