The Healthy Hack

After graduating from high school is a very emotional process for everyone and it is very hard to let go of the usual ways you do with things. Stepping up to college is like starting a new leaf, a new experience! If you think you will miss your friends, the party and social experience, think again; the fun never ever stops! But being in college, you have to be an independent person and the things you were used to doing, will suddenly change. To help you in stepping up your game, here are seven practical things a teenager should know how to do.

Pile of Dirty Clothes

We all know the embarrassment of forgetting to separate whites from colors since freshman year. It has been the struggle of many teenagers which should be changed. By doing this, take some time learning the basics; from separating white from colored dirty clothes to operating a washing machine or even hand washing.

Learn to Cook Simple Recipes

You don’t have to take up culinary classes just to make a meal, try to learn easy and simple recipes that will help you save money, have a nutritious meal and become healthy. Why not salad, pasta, soups, and sandwiches? They’re nutritious, cheap and easy to make.

Be a Commuter

You might get homesick sometimes, you’ll need to try practicing how to use public transportation especially reading subway maps or even getting a taxi; and a reminder, try knowing how much to tip.


Limit yourself from buying unnecessary things. Always differ what is needed from what is wanted. You must teach yourself how to manage debts and how to pay bills at the exact time.

Make good coffee

College life means lots of late night study. You’ll probably be needing lots of caffeine intake, but don’t over consume it. So, teach yourself how to operate a coffee machine. You might even save money!

Basic Healthcare

Health is wealth everybody says and knowing how to treat yourself with care is a must. Do you know which meds to take for which symptoms? Do you know how to get medical attention? These are the basics but valuable life skills you must know when you’re in college or even when you get a job.