The Healthy Hack

Breaking down or bursting out in front of your kids is not cool, at all. Seeing parents fight because of the kids is a rub on their responsibility. Here are six tips to a laid-back parenting and keep the peace within the family and maintain the happy air.

Division of Labor

Couple Washing Dishes

Your main concern is to feed your baby anything but hotdog but your husband is hung up on proper table etiquette. When he is laying out that napkin onto his lap by lunch, let him be. You take on dinner which divides the labor on errands and time for yourself whilst the other cook and eat.  It is beneficial to eat meals as one unit but when tension is floating in the air, better not.

Petty arguments must be put on hold

Woman Ignoring Husband

If your better half did that makes you mad (i.e stopping you to watch Peppa Pig series on Saturdays so he can concentrate on his reading), keep it in mind or better yet, jot it down – so later, while the kids are sleeping, you can discuss it simply, in minimum because you don’t want your kids to hear you argue; in hopes that you will remember this after.

Be Smart

Mom Talking to Daughter

Experts say that even the discussion between the parents is not about the kids, they assume that they are the reason why it’s happening. It’s not helping either with the silent treatment because kids are more sensitive than you know. You may also try to clear up in front of them. As one expert told GMA, kids learn about meeting in the middle ground, empathy and find jocosity with affection to solve the disagreement. This is how you handle the conflict constructively. Furthermore, they’ll learn that fighting with your loved one is not the end.


Annoyed Mom

“When you’re having an unfortunate day, don’t be enraged because it’ll only worsen”, says one expert. But these tunes of relaxing phrases are limitless. It pulls you back from letting out a sharp shriek in times of pure madness.

Let them Know

Mother and Daughter in the Park

Yes, you read that right! According to a parenting expert, they will learn to rely on their perception on how they see things and trust you instead of keeping it from them when you have your fights on closed doors or telling them you’re not arguing. You should explain to them that yes, you are in disarray, but it’s normal and you patched things up, said your sorries with each other and you still love each other. Remember to tell them that they are at fault in any way.

Body Language

Couple Ignoring Each Other

When you notice that you are pumped up, heart’s beating fast, your knuckles turn white, biting your teeth hard and your head is whirling, step out and breathe in deeply and calm yourself up. By being aware of your body language (angry), they’ll know to stop.