The Healthy Hack

Ladies always want to achieve that soft, kissable pink lips. But some are not fortunate enough to achieve that natural lips, instead they have pale or dark which is not attractive. There are many ways to lighten dark lips that don’t require buying expensive products. Listed below are natural home remedy tips needed to achieve those naturally rosy lips.

Exfoliate with Toothbrush

Apply some Vaseline to your lips and using a soft bristled brush, gently scrub your lips for 2 minutes and use a clean cloth to wipe the excess Vaseline. Repeat the process every night to achieve that soft pink lips.

Night Treatment

Applying a generous amount of aloe vera gel onto your lips before you sleep at night helps remove the dead skin from your lips. A simple trick to achieve those luscious lips.

Sugar Lip Scrub

A cheap but effective remedy you can make at home. Just combine sugar, honey and olive oil to make a lip scrub. Using your fingers apply it to your lips and rub gently in a circulation motion.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can do wonders to your lips. You can easily soften and smooth out your chapped lips with coconut oil. Apply it to your lips before bed and see a positive result in the morning.

Turmeric Treatment

Mix together turmeric and milk to create a paste. Next, exfoliate your lips using a soft bristled tooth brush. Add the turmeric paste and leave for 10 minutes then scrub off gently again. Repeat the process daily to achieve the desired pigment.

Lemon Juice and Honey Rub

This may sound like ingredients for a dessert but this for lightening the dark lips. Apply the mixture of honey and lemon juice to your lips overnight. See the result when you rinse it in the morning.