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For many people, acne is one of the most annoying skin problem. Those ugly red spots can lower your self-esteem and confidence. Acne is commonly found on your face, chest, back and shoulders. It’s because this area is where you can find more oil glands. When this oil glands produces excess amount of sebum and dead skin cell it can block the hair follicles causing bacteria to grow. Clogged follicles can cause pimples. Listed below are 7 myths about acne that can help you understand the dos and don’ts of this annoying skin problem.

It Doesn’t Just Affect Teenager.

Acne can occur to anyone who doesn’t take care of their skin properly. Hormones also play a role in having those ugly red spots. Some are lucky to only experience this during their early years, but teenagers are not the only one suffering from it. There a lot of adults who has acne too. And that can be a problem since to balance work, life and now acne.

Don’t Pop Your Zit.

Popping those annoying pimples can make it less noticeable TEMPORARILY but it will leave dark marks or worst scars that can last for weeks, months or even forever (SCARY dents and pits). Also popping it mean you pushed the bacteria and dead skin cell deeper into your skin. You must avoid that at all cost and just be patient.

It’s in Your DNA.

You thank the parents for the good-looking genes but inheriting the acne? Go ahead and blame the source of your DNA. A study shows that 75% of acne case is because the genes. Even if that’s the situation you don’t need to worry too much since acne is treatable.

It’s Not Just an Aesthetic Problem.

Acne is something alarming especially if you’re vain. You don’t want your face to be covered by zits. It can affect on how you see yourself because it bothers you to go out in public knowing you are suffering from acne. You get stressed and depressed on how people will look at you.

You Can Wear Make Up.

Admit it, you want to fully cover that zit when you go out, so you always put a full coverage foundation and dab on concealer to hide it. Wearing make-up can really worsen the situation of your acne but if you know the right make up to use, if you have those hypo-allergenic one then you are safe. Just always remember to remove it at the end of the day

It Has Little to Do with What You Eat.

While it’s true that eating healthy food is good for you and your well-being, research study says that eating greasy, fatty food is not the reason for your acne. If you have poor skin hygiene acne will be a constant visitor on your face.

Dermatologist Don’t Have All the Answer.

This is true, not all dermatologist is expert on acne. The internet is always available to search the hospital or skin clinic that can help you with your acne problem. When you find the doctor that can treat your acne, always follow their advice and stick to your skin routine to say goodbye to those ugly red spots FOREVER.